Adult Education classes are offered each Sunday morning.
Classes begin at 9:45 a.m. and run for one hour.

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MODULE FIVE:  April 23 – May 21, 2017

New Testament Bible Study:  Hebrews

The New Testament book we call Hebrews is something of an enigma.  It derived some of its early authority from being attributed to Paul, but it was recognized in antiquity that he almost certainly didn’t write it (the author is unknown although many candidates have been suggested).  It is called an Epistle (“letter”) but is really an intricate sermon.  It deals with complex theological issues we often ignore.  As a result, it is often neglected.

Yet Hebrews deals with questions that are central to Christian theology.  How does Jesus, as the Incarnate Word of God, relate to the revelations of God’s word in the Hebrew Scriptures (what we call the Old Testament)?  What are the links between the covenants of the two testaments?  How is our faith enriched by seeing Jesus the Messiah as a royal priest?

This five-week course will draw on the popular Interpretation Bible Series short study to wrestle with these and other question.  Our purpose will not be to learn about historical issues, but to explore what this text means for our faith today.

Class Leader:  Linton Brooks
Class Location:  Room 103

Aligning our Investments with Our Values    

Come, learn and discuss the values-based investment strategies that we as a church and as individuals can apply to our savings and investments for obtaining optimal returns and growth while being responsive to environmental, social and other concerns we have.

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Learn how our Presbyterian Church USA applies these strategies to investing its multi-billion dollar Foundation and Pension Fund assets consistent with the values of our Christian faith and with sound investment policy. Learn what other faith communities, foundations and charities are doing to invest their assets in socially responsible ways. This session is geared toward both those starting or in careers and savings/retirement plans as well as those of us who have already built investment portfolios to see us through retirement.  Presented by the Faith and Public Policy Committee.

Class Leaders:  Faith & Public Policy Committee
Class Location:  Chapel

 Inquirers Class (NOTE:  THIS CLASS BEGINS ON APRIL 30th)

Are you a relative newcomer to the Lewinsville community of faith?  Would you like to learn more about this congregation: its ministries in the community, beliefs, how and why we do what we do and who we are?  Perhaps you’d like to explore membership at Lewinsville and what that might mean for you and for your life.  The Inquirers Class is designed for you.

During the six week class, we’ll explore

  • worship at Lewinsville Church
  • the beliefs and theology of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • the history of our congregation
  • the various mission projects and other ministries of this community of faith
  • how your spirit might be nourished here
  • how God might be calling you to use your gifts, joining us in ministry

At the conclusion of the class, participants are given the opportunity to become members of Lewinsville Church.


  • April 30 (9:45 am) Introduction – Who are we and what brings us here?
  • May 7 (9:45 am) Worship & Sacraments
  • May 14 (9:45 am) Who are Presbyterians? What do we believe? What is our approach to life and faith?
  • May 21 (9:45 am) Heritage and Ministry of Lewinsville Church
  • May 28 (9:00 am) The Ministries of Lewinsville Church—how you can be involved & meet with the Session for those who wish to be received into membership
  • June 4 (10:00 am) Welcome New Members in worship

The class is held in the Library and each class lasts 1 hour, beginning at 9:45 am.   There is also one evening session.  Interim Pastor Scott Ramsey and Associate Pastor Emily Berman D’Andrea teach the class and church members John & Ruth Thomas serve as hosts.

Class Leaders:  Rev. Ramsey and Rev. D’Andrea
Class Location:  Library



Each WEDNESDAY, a weekly Wednesday Bible Study will be held in the Chapel from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.  The Bible study will generally involve an exploration of the biblical text that will be preached the following Sunday.  The study will usually be facilitated by either Rev. Scott Ramsey or Rev. Emily Berman D’Andrea — whoever will be preaching the next Sunday.

Bring a bag lunch, a Bible, and a curious heart and mind.  We’ll have fun digging into the Scriptures!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott or Emily.


Lewinsville offers a variety of classes and special events to guide us during the program year in our individual and corporate journeys of faith, discovery, discernment, and service.

Lively discussions on faith and social issues. Look for our “Faith & Public Policy” classes during select modules during the year.

Probing Biblical and theological study. Each Adult Education module includes a course on the Bible and/or theology.

Life skills and religion and the arts. Our Adult Education classes include one course in this subject area.

Family of Faith Focus. We have an ongoing group of parents who explore what it means and how to raise children in our reformed tradition.

Multiple times and places for learning, including online. Even if you can’t attend all sessions of a class during the 9:45–10:45 hour on Sunday mornings, come when you can. Watch for our annual Lenten Studies program during Lent with a Biblical scholar, our Salzman Lecture each fall, and special Inter-generational events with an education focus.

Faith has been described as belief, commitment, relationship, and mystery. Lewinsville’s adult education program, Christ Care groups, women’s circles, faith and public policy breakfasts, and men’s and women’s retreats are opportunities to explore these dimensions of faith with others.