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November 4 – 18, 2018

This November we will begin our Stewardship Campaign for 2019 – A New Chapter. As we move into an exciting new moment in the life of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, we invite you to join in making this happen.

In our society at this time, the mission of congregations like Lewinsville is as essential as ever. Seeking justice, loving mercy, learning to love our neighbor and our enemy, following Jesus as he leads his disciples in the path of servant leadership – all of these are absolutely crucial for us. Our worship, Christian education for all ages, small groups where lives are changed, and mission efforts to relieve the suffering of our community – all require your support to make them happen.

If you are already making a pledge commitment to the mission of Lewinsville, we are very grateful and would ask you to continue giving at that same level next year. If you have not yet made a pledge commitment to the church, we invite you to consider doing so now. In worship during the month of November, we will have a series of “Minutes for Stewardship” in which a variety of people will share their reflections on how the practice of stewardship can change people’s lives.

If you have any questions, feel free to speak with Mike Deese, chair of the Stewardship Committee, or with Pastor Scott.

DOWNLOAD/VIEW Stewardship Letter #1 – 2018 >>

Q & A about Per Capita

At last year’s Annual Congregational Meeting, the question came up: “What is the “per capita” payment? And what is it used for?”

The “per capita” is an important feature of membership in the Presbyterian Church (USA), which supports the administrative functioning of our denomination. The following information is provided by our presbytery:

The “per capita” contribution is the designated dollar amount that is asked of each member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as a yearly voluntary contribution. The per capita contributions remind us of the “connectional nature” of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We at Lewinsville are connected with the National Capital Presbytery (NCP), the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, and the General Assembly. Per capita payments keep the governing bodies of the PC(USA) in operation. Per capita is used to pay for the essential administrative operation of the presbytery, the synod, and the General Assembly.

The 2018 Per Capita amount is for 2018 is $39.91 per member.

Per capita giving is distinguished from “Mission Giving” in that it is operational money needed to keep the three governing bodies of our church functional.

We are greatly appreciative when members of Lewinsville pay their per capita portion. You may make your check for $39.91 out to “Lewinsville Presbyterian Church,” and write “per capita” in the memo line. If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Scott or Mary Frase, chair of Finance.

pdf DOWNLOAD the 2019 Pledge Card
Place pledge card in the collection plate
or mail to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church,
Attention: Stewardship
1724 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, VA 22101