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Mission Statement

Claimed by God in Jesus Christ,
Called to live as a community of faith,
Sent to participate in the unfolding of God’s kingdom on earth.


Vision Statement

As we approach our 175th year of ministry, the people of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church celebrate the gifts and opportunities given to us. We strive to build on our heritage of Christian discipleship to serve God and all creation.

We strengthen our congregation as we:

  • Worship God in ways that engage the spirit, mind, heart and body.
  • Educate and form disciples in Christian faith.
  • Care for one another with the compassion of Jesus Christ.

We participate in Christ’s mission in the world – to redeem and transform all creation – as we:

  • Extend our legacy of care to vulnerable older adults and their families.
  • Reach out to the youth of northern Virginia, ushering them into a healthy, vibrant, productive adulthood.
  • Provide a forum for civil public policy discourse and, as faithful Christians, address social justice issues.
  • Become a recognized Christian presence in the emerging Tysons urban center.

Claimed .... Called .... Sent .... by Jesus Christ, who alone is head of the Church.

Approved by Session April 9, 2013

Welcoming the LGBTQ+ Community

Since late in the fall of 2021, the Session has been having periodic conversations about our congregational welcome to the LGBTQ Community. Encouraged by the youth of our congregation, and mindful of Lewinsville’s own long history of being a welcoming congregation for LGBTQ persons, we have engaged in some important work this spring. In March, we invited Dr. Mark Achtemeier, a leader in our denomination on these issues, to give a presentation entitled, “Marriage is for Everyone: A Biblical Case for Same-Sex Marriage.” After Easter, we held a congregational conversation to hear directly from our youth, and to share in small groups some of our questions, feelings, and hopes for our congregation about these topics. We’re taking steps to be more open and public about being a welcoming congregation, both so that LGBTQ persons in the community will know that we are a safe congregation for them, and as a joyful and gentle witness to our community.

Betties Design copy

As part of our welcome and in response to a request from the youth of our congregation, the Session has decided to place a welcoming banner, with the above design, within our overall set of banners on the church’s property. The above design includes the Progress Pride symbol, which seeks to convey welcome to all persons.

The rainbow colors in the middle of the banner express a welcome to gay and lesbian persons. The “wedge” design on the left of the banner includes a variety of colors: the brown and black stripes convey a welcome to persons of color. The pink and blue stripes convey a welcome to transgender persons.

As a congregation, we want to engage this important topic in ways that are inclusive, thoughtful, patient, and clear. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about this, please feel free to speak with Pastor Scott, Pastor Layne, Pastor Jen, or any member of Session.

Safety and Security

For Children & Teens

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church maintains a Sexual Misconduct & Child Protection Policy designed to assure the safety of all children and youth when they participate in any church class or activity. This policy applies to all employees and volunteers of the church and it provides an avenue to report policy violations. If you wish to read this document, a link have been provided at the bottom of this page.

Our nursery is located on the lower level in room L05. Our nursery personnel are trained childcare professionals who care for infants and toddlers, should parents wish to have an hour of relief to attend worship.

Lewinsville also participates in the Protect My Ministry program which requires all church employees, leadership, teachers, and volunteers to undergo a background check every five years. Included in this service are searches in the National Criminal Database Search, the National Sex Offender Registry, SSN Verification and Address History Trace, Automatic Maiden/Alias Name Search, Automatic Re-Verification of Records and Possible Records. Over 20,000 churches and youth-serving organizations use this service. For more information about Protect My Ministry, visit

On Our Campus

Two Lewinsville church leaders (one Session member and one Deacon) who are "on duty" each Sunday during our church services. They manage the church office, answer phones, provide assistance and directions as needed, and are on-call to summon police, ambulance or fire department quickly should the need arise. Lewinsville’s central location is close to both the police and fire stations in McLean.

Our Duty Elders and Deacons also watch for suspicious activity and are trained to contact authorities whenever they feel assistance is needed. They work closely with our Usher Teams who are the first responders for any assistance needed during a worship service.

The members of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church place high priority on the maintenance of a safe and secure environment for the participation of children in church activities and for all our members when they are on our campus.

If you have questions about safety and security, please contact the church office during normal business hours at 703-356-7200.