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Welcoming the LGBTQ Community 

Since late in the fall of 2021, the Session has been having periodic conversations about our congregational welcome to the LGBTQ Community. Encouraged by the youth of our congregation, and mindful of Lewinsville’s own long history of being a welcoming congregation for LGBTQ persons, we have engaged in some important work this spring. In March, we invited Dr. Mark Achtemeier, a leader in our denomination on these issues, to give a presentation entitled, “Marriage is for Everyone: A Biblical Case for Same-Sex Marriage.” After Easter, we held a congregational conversation to hear directly from our youth, and to share in small groups some of our questions, feelings, and hopes for our congregation about these topics. We’re taking steps to be more open and public about being a welcoming congregation, both so that LGBTQ persons in the community will know that we are a safe congregation for them, and as a joyful and gentle witness to our community. 

As part of our welcome and in response to a request from the youth of our congregation, the Session has decided to place a welcoming banner, with the above design, within our overall set of banners on the church’s property. The above design includes the Progress Pride symbol, which seeks to convey welcome to all persons.

The rainbow colors in the middle of the banner express a welcome to gay and lesbian persons. The “wedge” design on the left of the banner includes a variety of colors: the brown and black stripes convey a welcome to persons of color. The pink and blue stripes convey a welcome to transgender persons.

As a congregation, we want to engage this important topic in ways that are inclusive, thoughtful, patient, and clear. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about this, please feel free to speak with Pastor Scott, Pastor Layne, Pastor Jen, or any member of Session.