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Associate Pastor for Christian Formation

I want to show God’s presence wherever I am, wherever I can– in homeless shelters,
in prisons, in a garden, in a classroom.
– Layne Brubaker


Layne B. Brubaker was accepted by the membersn of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church to be our new Associate Pastor for Christian Formation on July 18th at a meeting of the congregation. She will begin her ministry with Lewinsville on August 23, 2021.

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lee University; has a Master of Divinity (2009) and Master of Theology (2010) from Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Ordained in January 2014
  • Worked as the Site Coordinator of the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program in the Presbytery of South Louisiana, New Orleans
  • Recruited for the program, bringing a new group of volunteers every year
  • Secured work sites and coordinated services at local churches and nonprofits in the greater New Orleans area
  • Co-founder of Okra Abbey, a New Worshipping Community in an urban garden in Pigeon Town, New Orleans
    • Networked with the Presbytery and offices of 1001 New Worshipping communities
    • Fundraised through grant writing and funds development
    • More about Okra Abbey can be found at
  • Founding pastor of Hagar’s Community Church on the inside of Washington Correction Center for Women (WCCW), Washington State’s largest women’s prison
    • Hagar’s Community Church grew from 2 people to over 100
    • Was the only person from the outside allowed into the prison to lead worship or any other programming during the prison’s Covid-19 lockdown
    • More information can be found at:
  • Has a variety of experiences as a supply pastor, chaplain resident, Deacon Moderator at Princeton Theological Seminary, and as a Children’s Coordinator at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Tennessee

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Your Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) is excited to recommend for your approval the Rev. Layne B. Brubaker for the position of Associate Pastor for Christian Formation. Our recommendation is the culmination of sixteen months of rigorous and extensive efforts by the APNC, done in collaboration with our senior pastor.  We developed a Ministry Information Form describing the position and our church, reviewed 91 Personal Information Forms that were sent by the denomination’s clearing house or came from candidates directly, and contacted numerous individuals who might know of potential candidates for our position. We followed up with approximately a dozen candidates to gauge their interest in our position. We conducted an initial Zoom interview with several candidates and a second Zoom interview with one candidate.

Upon completion of these activities, Rev. Brubaker was the choice of the committee. We next contacted references, watched sermons and podcasts, and read materials she had written, all of which reinforced our belief she was the right person for Lewinsville. She came to northern Virginia for a two day in-person visit so she could get to know us (the APNC, Pastor Scott, and Lewinsville) better and we her. At that point, the APNC unanimously agreed to offer her the position and developed the terms of call, all of which she accepted. The financial terms of call, which will be presented at the Congregational meeting, are within those approved by Session for the Ministry Information Form and are in the 2021 budget.

Rev. Brubaker is a graduate of Princeton Seminary, earning both an M. Div. and a Masters in Theology in pastoral care. Since seminary she has served the denomination in a variety of settings in both New Orleans, Louisiana and Tacoma, Washington. Most recently (since the fall of 2018), she has served as the organizing pastor for a new worshipping community, Hagar’s Community Church, inside the largest women’s prison in the state, the Washington Correction Center for Women. Under her leadership, the membership of this new church has grown in a little over two years from a handful of congregants to over 125 attendees in 2 worship services. It also offers Bible studies and small groups and utilizes volunteers of all ages from numerous local churches. During COVID she has had to work in innovative ways to continue the program under adverse conditions, having to carry on this ministry single-handedly, as the only outsider involved in the ministry allowed in the prison.

The position for which she is being recommended represents a significant shift in the role of the Associate Pastor (AP) at Lewinsville that was mandated by the Session several years ago. The principal responsibilities of this redefined AP position will be to provide leadership in three areas of the church’s life: Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Mission and Service. The hiring of a full-time Associate Pastor with these responsibilities will change the current church staffing pattern in the following ways:

  1. the position of Interim Coordinator for Youth Ministry, currently ably filled by Ben Evans, will end; we are very grateful for Ben’s service under very trying conditions, and we will celebrate and recognize his ministry in the near future;
  2. the Rev. Dunfee’s hours will revert to 20 hours per week, down from the 25 hours a week she graciously undertook after the Rev. Groenenboom’s departure;
  3. the primary responsibility for Mission and Service will be transferred from Rev. Dunfee to the new AP; and
  4. the responsibility for preaching, worship leadership and teaching will be shared among 2.5 pastoral staff, an increase from the current 1.6 pastoral staff, which will reduce the burden on current staff and allow for exploring new opportunities and expansion of existing ones.

Rev. Brubaker has extensive experience and a record of accomplishment in two of the three areas of primary responsibilities of the redefined Associate Pastor position, namely Young Adult Ministry and Mission and Service. While her experience in conventional congregational Youth Ministry is not as great, she has in fact had much involvement with adolescents over the course of her ministerial career.  The APNC is confident that she will be as successful in developing the youth program at Lewinsville as she has been in everything else she has undertaken in her career thus far. Her work at Hagar’s Community Church demonstrates her incredible ability to develop exciting new forms of ministry in areas where she previously had little experience. (Her likening of the prison ministry to a “rowdy youth group” elicited laughter from the committee during our in-person visit.) We strongly believe her record of success will continue in all areas of LPC’s ministry for which she has responsibility.

We are delighted, therefore, to be able to make this recommendation to you. We are convinced that Layne Brubaker is the right person for Lewinsville Presbyterian Church at this time. She is a vibrant, creative, and innovative pastor who will bring to the church unique experiences and skills that will enhance our church’s life and ministry. We believe her personal charm and ability to connect with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and interests will enhance her ministry and enable her to connect with our members, staff, and the broader community as well. She is a skilled preacher who speaks with real conviction, and we believe she will significantly enhance the church’s preaching and teaching ministry. Her references all raved about her, saying things such as She’s good at everything, I’d attend any church she was serving, and If it were me, I would snap her up. The more we grew to know her, the more those comments rang true. For all these reasons and more, we unanimously and enthusiastically recommend the Rev. Layne Brubaker to you, and we ask for your support of this recommendation.

The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee
Bruce Douglass, Chair ~ Jack Calhoun ~ Mary Frase
Siobhan Grayson ~ Elaine Guth ~ Margaret Lineberger ~ Doug Smith


In Isaiah 43:19, the Lord says, “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” The Lord’s readiness to do something new is happening in abundant ways at Lewinsville Presbyterian!

I am writing to express my enormous excitement about Rev. Layne Brubaker as the recommended candidate to be Lewinsville’s Associate Pastor for Christian Formation. The congregation will have a chance to hear Layne preach during the 11:00 worship service on Sunday, July 18. Over the recent weeks, it has been an absolute delight for me to get to know Layne and to learn of her great passion for ministry. We at Lewinsville are going to have a lot of fun getting to know Layne, and more importantly, we are going to experience her leadership in very meaningful and profound ways.

The Associate Pastor for Christian Formation role represents an important configuration of responsibilities for the church’s ministry. Responsible for leading the youth ministry, young adult ministry, and mission/service ministry, this position offers Lewinsville the possibilities of new engagement in each of these areas as we move forward in this new day.

Layne brings to Lewinsville an abundance of experience in a variety of church settings. She has worked with young people, with those who are incarcerated, in new worshiping communities, and in more traditional church settings. She brings tremendous entrepreneurial, innovative energy to ministry – energy which is capable both of envisioning new possibilities and then pursuing those possibilities. She brings an infectious, joyful spirit to conversations and group meetings. Throughout her life and ministry experience, Layne has cultivated a deep love for Jesus Christ and for the Bible, as well as a commitment to stand with people who are on the margins of society, just as Jesus did. She brings an ability to breathe new vision, life, and energy into Lewinsville’s youth, young adult, and mission programs, as well as the intersections between those areas.

I am very excited for you to get to meet Layne, and for all of us to begin this next chapter of Lewinsville’s life and ministry together.

Blessings for our shared journey,
Rev. Scott Ramsey


It was with a unanimous vote that the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee selected Layne Bailey Brubaker to be our nominee for Lewinsville’s next Associate Pastor.

“Rev. Layne’s creativity was what first drew me to her as a candidate. It was exciting to see how she imagined and then created ministries that may be considered outside the norm. I am excited to see where her creativity will lead in regards to the Young Adult Ministry.”

-Margaret (Meggie) Lineberger

“Layne has a rare combination of the ability to touch and move hearts, and to forge vital and effective partnerships with others.”

-Jack Calhoun

“We are thrilled to recommend Layne as Lewinsville’s next Associate Pastor and could not be more excited for her to take ownership of our Youth Ministry program. She will bring a fresh perspective, a wealth of varied experience, and a passion for the work that will undoubtedly enable her to create the space for our youth to learn and love the teachings of our faith community.”

-Siobhan Grayson and Doug Smith