Update – April 2018:

The Building Task Force and the architectural firm of LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects held an after-church congregational information Town Hall on December 3, 2017 to report to the congregation the findings of the all church / ministries survey.

The results of the survey have been discussed and reviewed over the past 3 months and the needs and priorities have remained consistent.

The following are the core renovations that we are pursuing.

  • Restroom Renovation – new, accessible, expanded.
  • Ground Floor East Entry – new entry with an elevator to provide access to all floors, more and refurbished meeting spaces.
  • Youth Center – new floor plan and better utility of the second floor.
  • Technology improvements – dependable wifi, data access in the classrooms, streaming of services, intercom, safety and security improvements.
  • Children/Nursey Lower Level – upgrade classroom, restrooms, nursery.

Our plan is to have completed the Master Plan, design and associated cost, develop funding strategy scenarios, and timetable. to be presented to the Session in May and to give an update to the congregation following their review.

There is a lot to report on the facilities changes that are going on at Lewinsville.


First let’s talk about the organizational change that has come about as a result of the Session’s Structural Task Force. A renewed emphasis has been placed on the Facilities Ministry. Under Management Ministry Group leadership, the Facilities Ministry has developed a budget for 2017 that will address both building maintenance and current year projects to improve the appearance, safety and comfort of the church.
 Since the first of the year, there have been projects that have enhanced the handicap entrance way by improving the appearance of the entry and preventing washout of mulch and soil into our drainage system near the Music Director’s office.

  • Sanctuary lighting has been upgraded and replacement fixtures have been installed to restore spotlighting and brighten the overall lighting. In addition, new dimmer switches have been installed that will allow us to tone down the brightness of the lighting and provide for a softer, dusky light. This will help provide the proper mood for our evening services.
  • Upcoming projects include replacement of electrical panels; while not as glamorous as the exterior wall and plantings, the replacement will provide for a safer environment and reduce the possibility of an electrical outage due to outdated fuses verses new circuit breaker panels.
  • Regular building maintenance items such as restroom spruce-ups, painting projects around the church, parking lot pothole repair and general clean-up all are being planned for 2017.


In June of 2016 the Session authorized the establishment of the Building Task Force. The Task Force was charged with:

  • Identifying what building projects are to be done,
  • Who has responsibility for them,
  • How the projects will be financed and who is accountable for the coordination and completion of the projects.

The Task Force members are Tim Dokken, Jim Edmondson, Michele Gottke, Lori Gray, Pattie Gunter, Carole Huston, Wendy Maiwurm, Adrian Steel, and staff Bob Clark and Rev. Scott Ramsey.

To date the Task Force has reviewed the outstanding projects that were a part of a laundry list of project opportunities that needed funding and action. Some of the projects were given to the Facilities Ministry as described above, others will be incorporated into renovation work this year and a larger project that will include restroom renovations, entryway enhancements and many other building improvements that will prepare the building for many years ahead.

One of the first steps that the Task Force has taken is to have a Building Reserve Study conducted. The study will provide the current status of all the building and grounds elements, including the lifespan of our building systems, furnishings, and outside property (Manse, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.…) plus it will provide the replacement cost over the course of the next 40 years. This study will be especially valuable to the Facilities Ministry as it does future planning. Another step will be gathering input from ministries of the church, staff, and interested individuals to determine the types and scale of facilities they expect to need to fulfill their respective missions.

Future endeavors of the Task Force include (with the help of designers and architects) visioning the scope of the project to be done, determining the cost associated with the vision, the way in which the project will be paid for, a capital campaign, or similar vehicle and who will carry out the project both in terms of fund raising and in construction.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm around both the short-term facilities projects and the project that is on the horizon for the renovation of and possible additions to of the church buildings and grounds.

Watch for upcoming updates on how we are progressing and also enjoy the enhancement that are accomplished by the Facilities Ministry over the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Task Force members:
John Bowen, Jim Edmondson , Carole Huston , Lori Gray, Michelle Gottke , Pattie Gunter, Vern Gale , Roland McElroy, Wendy Maiwurm , Adrian Steel , Rev. Scott Ramsey , Bob Clark.