Each member and active non-member of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church is assigned to one of 17 clusters, or neighborhood groupings, depending on where he or she lives. Generally 20-30 family units are included in each cluster.

The clusters located closest to Lewinsville tend to be geographically quite cohesive while the clusters located further from the church are generally spread over a larger areas. Persons can determine their cluster assignments by consulting the Lewinsville directory and noting the number listed in parentheses under their phone number.

Our Cluster Map is displayed below.  Click on the arrow box at the top right to view in full-screen mode.

The Cluster System was created to serve several purposes.

First, it provides a communication channel, used to inform members of events that are of immediate concern to the congregation, such as deaths within the Lewinsville family or urgent, unscheduled meetings or notices. This information is transmitted by email or phone.  The Cluster System also provides a means for organizing assistance to persons with urgent, short-term needs. Members of a cluster often provide meals to a family in which a serious illness or death has occurred.

The clusters also have provided a social grouping. Some clusters gather regularly for potlucks and picnics to enjoy fellowship with their church neighbors.

One or two members of each cluster serve as Cluster Leaders and an Emergency Doordinator is assigned to each group to provide additional support. These names are listed below.

    • Betty Jean Shihda-Kloster, Leader
    • Sharon Gamble, Emergency Coordinator
    • David & Emily Floster, Cluster Leaders and Emergency Coordinators
    • Betty Yurkewitch, Cluster Leader
    • George Bogart, Emergency Coordinator
    • Debbie Leavens, Cluster Leader
    • Ruth & John Baxley, Emergency Coordinators
    • Jody Ransom, Cluster Leader
    • Claire Grossi, Emergency Coordinator
    • Carol Kaffenberger, Emergency Coordinator Alternate
    • Cluster Leader is Vacant
    • Phil & Connie Church, Emergency Coordinators
    • Laury Bender & Vivian Attermeyer, Cluster Leaders
    • Carroll & Bob Bastian, Emergency Coordinators
    • Bettie McElroy, Cluster Leader
    • Emergency Coordinator is Vacant
    • Nancy Walcott, Cluster Leader
    • Jane & Jim Edmondson, Emergency Coordinators
  • CLUSTER 10
    • Cluster Leader is Vacant
    • Emergency Coordinator is Vacant
  • CLUSTER 11
    • Karen Siple, Cluster Leader
    • Roy Siple, Emergency Coordinator
    • Wendy Maiwurm, Emergency Coordinator Alternate
  • CLUSTER 12
    • Caroline Van Wagoner, Cluster Leader
    • Judy Herseth, Emergency Coordinator
  • CLUSTER 13
    • Cluster Leader is Vacant
    • Emergency Coordinator is Vacant
  • CLUSTER 14
    • Cluster Leader is Vacant
    • Emergency Coordinator is Vacant
  • CLUSTER 15
    • Ellen Peters, Cluster Leader
    • Linda Bender, Emergency Coordinator
  • CLUSTER 16
    • Grant Mann, Cluster Leader
    • Siobhan Grayson, Emergency Coordinator
  • CLUSTER 17
    • Cluster Leader is Vacant
    • Emergency Coordinator is Vacant

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