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Communications Training

Bulletin/Overlay Slides/Annotated Bulletin Training

Monday Messages Instructions

Monday Morning Updates

  • Video – How to do Monday Morning Updates on the website (updating worship information for the following Sunday):

Messy Church- Education Updates to the Website – Monday or Tuesday

Monthly Newsletter Activities

  • Video – What needs to happen as soon as the monthly newletter arrives:
    • Scan the newsletter for new information (requiring new events, updates to pages?)
    • Scan the newsletter for info already on the website (does any page need updating?)
    • Open newsletter in PhotoShop to capture images, as needed, if they are usable
    • Update the website will all new and updated information (always the Bible Study page, Classes for Adults page, new Adult Education event, new Messy Church event, etc)
    • Upload the newsletter to the media area of the website; link on the Newsletter Content Block (home page) and the Publications page.
    • Send out the Newsletter to the congregation via a MailChimp email
    • Plan out all social media posts for the month ahead
    • Plan out all publicity for the month ahead and start posting events and information to local media outlets. See separate category below.
    • Plan the schedule for Outside Banners for the month ahead and prepare instructions for Steve Kirkland (see video below under Publicity)
  • Video – How to Archive and Update Earth Care Articles:
  • Video – How to Send Newsletter Out to Congregation via MailChimp:

Sending Information to Local Media

  • Local media wants 10 days to 2 weeks advanced notice
  • See this page on our website for where to send calendar information:
  • Note that there’s a link on the Communications Tools page for where to send information. The PDF is here:
  • Note also the various links on the Communications Tools page, including a Media Kit (useful when you need to send a link to the press) and the various logos that can be downloaded. This page was designed to help Ministry Group Chairs and Committee Chairs be self-sufficient, but to my knowledge, it has been useful only to me.

Social Media Posting

Viewer Stats Training

Website Training

Live Streaming

Publicity Training

  • The Communications Tools page on the website provides several documents that are helpful. On this page, you will find these documents:
    • How to write a Press Release and a Sample Press Release
    • Where to Send News Releases
    • A Link to our Media Kit page (to send to media outlets if they request)
    • A list of businesses in McLean which have agreed to display our posters
    • This page also has downloadable Lewinsville logos and other logos for your use (but you will also have them elsewhere), because this page was designed to help committee chairs send out their own publicity if needed.
  • Document: Tracking Sheet for Event publicity
  • Video – Preparing the Outside Banners Schedule:

The Communications Committee & Annual Budget

Creative Services

Lenten Devotions