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SANCTUARY FLOWERS: Lewinsville has many members and friends who participate generously in our worship services through contributions to the flower ministry. Contributions are used by Flower Committee volunteers to create appropriate floral displays for each service of worship. Typically, individuals will choose to contribute flowers for the sanctuary on a specific Sunday in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.

You may use the form below to sign up online, or you may add your name to the Flower Chart posted in Heritage Hall. If the date you prefer is taken, you may choose to contribute flowers for the Narthex on that date.  Narthex flowers will become available and may be selected only if Sanctuary flowers for that date have been taken.

Contributions of $110 for Sanctuary flowers and $60 for an arrangement in the Narthex are suggested. Please remember to complete your purchase. The easiest way is to click on the “Contribute for Flowers Online” Button on this page after you submit your form. Select the “Flowers” box. You may also mail your check to Sandy Albrecht in the church office (1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101) annotated “Flowers for [date], [location].”

Following Sunday worship, the donated flowers are typically delivered to members of the congregation who are hospitalized or recuperating at home. However, a donor may certainly remove some flowers from the arrangement at the conclusion of Sunday’s services, if they so desire. Questions? Contact Sandy Albrecht at 703-356-7200, or by e-mail:

Available dates/locations are listed with a red AVAILABLE link below.  Click AVAILABLE to open our online flower donation form in a new window/tab. Note that Narthex flowers will become available only if the Sanctuary is taken on that date, and during the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are no Narthex flowers. Please note that some Sundays require a particular color of flower, as indicated.

  • October 3 (19th Sunday after Pentecost)
    • Sanctuary: AVAILABLE
    • Narthex: Not Available
  • October 10 (20th Sunday after Pentecost)
    • Sanctuary: BOWEN
    • Narthex: Not Available
  • October 17 (21st Sunday after Pentecost)
  • October 24 (22nd Sunday after Pentecost)
    • Sanctuary:  HEILEN
    • Narthex:  Not Available
  • October 31 (Reformation Sunday) – RED FLOWERS ONLY
    • Sanctuary: COOKE
    • Narthex: Not Available
  • November 7 (All Saints Sunday) – WHITE FLOWERS ONLY
    • Sanctuary: WACHTEL
    • Narthex: Not Available
  • November 14 (Sunday in Ordinary Time)
    • Sanctuary:   AVAILABLE
    • Narthex:  Not Available
  • November 21 (Christ the King Sunday)
    • Sanctuary: JACEWICZ
    • Narthex: Not Available
  • November 28 (1st Sunday of Advent) – PURPLE OR LAVENDER FLOWERS ONLY
    • Sanctuary: AVAILABLE
    • Narthex: Not Available in Advent
  • December 5 (2nd Sunday of Advent) – PURPLE OR LAVENDER FLOWERS ONLY
  • December 12 (3rd Sunday of Advent) – PURPLE OR LAVENDER FLOWERS ONLY
    • Sanctuary:  WACHTEL
    • Narthex: Not Available in Advent
  • December 19 (4th Sunday of Advent) – PURPLE OR LAVENDER FLOWERS ONLY
    • Sanctuary: AVAILABLE
    • Narthex: Not Available in Advent
  • December 24 (Christmas Eve)
    • SPECIAL CHRISTMAS DECORATION FUND (This link will become active in November)
  • December 26 (1st Sunday after Christmas)
    • Sanctuary:  Not Available
    • Narthex:  Not Available

Header Photo on this page by Roland McElroy, Lewinsville