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This page updated 4/26/21

This schedule was based on the Duty Elder Schedule provided to Session in April 2021 (Click to see original document – coming soon) and reflects any switches made in the original schedule.

To exchange weeks, please find someone to trade with and email Sandy Albrecht with the change (required!). She will update this page.

May 21Rob HunterJack Hess
May 91Mother’s DayPhil ChurchGary Eames
May 161Phil ChurchDiane Alden
May 231Cathy SaundersSuzanne Parisi
May 301Cathy SaundersJack Hess
Jun 61Carol KaffenbergerEmily Foster
Jun 131Carol KaffenbergerGary Eames
Jun 201Father’s DayPat BussDiane Alden
Jun 271Pat BussAndrew Borene
Jul 41Kelly SextonJack Hess
Jul 111Kelly SextonGary Eames
Jul 181Nate JonesBanafshe Aghvami
Jul 251Nate JonesJack Hess
Aug 11Phil Cooke
Aug 81Phil CookeGary Eames
Aug 151Ruth BaxleyEmily Foster
Aug 221Ruth BaxleyCharlie Mendenhall
Aug 291Bruce DouglassPat Matheson
Sep 51Bruce DouglassSharon Gamble
Sep 121Siobhan GraysonRachel Russell
Sep 191Siobhan GraysonDiane Alden
Sep 261John DayKaren Siple
Oct 31John Day
Oct 101Phil Church
Oct 171Phil Church
Oct 241Dave Gunter
Oct 311ReformationDave Gunter
Nov 71Kelly Sexton
Nov 141Pat Buss
Nov 211Carol Kaffenberger
Nov 281Carol kaffenberger
Dec 51Cathy Saunders
Dec 121Pat Buss
Dec 191Kelly Sexton
Dec 211Longest NightKelly Sexton
Dec 241Christmas EveNate Jones
Dec 261Phil Cooke
Jan 21