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This page updated 5/5/20

This schedule was based on the Duty Elder Schedule provided to Session in April 2020 (Click to see original document) and reflects any switches made in the original schedule.

To exchange weeks, please find someone to trade with and email Sandy Albrecht with the change (required!). She will update this page.

May 102Mother’s DayBruce Douglass
May 172David Gunter
May 242David Gunter
May 311Begin 1 ServiceCathy Saunders
June 71Cathy Saunders
June 141Jody Ransom
June 211Father’s DayJody Ransom
June 281Clay McConnell
July 51Clay McConnell
July 121Ruth Baxley
July 191Ruth Baxley
July 261Ryan Ramsey
August 21Ryan Ramsey
August 91Pat Buss
August161Pat Buss
August 231Phil Church
August 301Phil Church
September 61Phil Cooke
September 131Phil Cooke
September 201Carol Kaffenberger
September 272Carol Kaffenberger
October 42David Gunter
October 112David Gunter
October 181Cathy Saunders
October 252Cathy Saunders
November 12Jody Ransom
November 82Jody Ransom
November 152Clay McConnell
November 222Clay McConnell
November 292(Thanksgiving)Ruth Baxley
December 62Ruth Baxley
December 132Ryan Ramsey
December 181Longest Night – 7:30 pmPat Buss
December 202Ryan Ramsey
December 243Christmas Eve-4, 7 & 9:30 pmBruce Douglass & Phil Church
December 27110 amBruce Douglass
January 32Pat Buss
January 102Phil Church
January 172Phil Cooke
January 242Phil Cooke
January 312Carol Kaffenberger
February 72Carol Kaffenberger
February 142David Gunter
February 171Ash Wednesday-7:30 pmDavid Gunter
February 212Cathy Saunders
February 281Cathy Saunders
March 72Jody Ransom
March 142Jody Ransom
March 212Clay McConnell
March 282Palm SundayClay McConnell
April 11Maundy Thursday-7:30 pmRuth Baxley
April 21Good Friday-7:30 pmRyan Ramsey
April 31Easter Vigil-7:30 pmRyan Ramsey
April 42Easter-9:00 & 11:00 amPat Buss & Phil Church
April 182Pat Buss
April 252Phil Cooke
May 22Phil Cooke
May 92Mother’s DayCarol Kaffenberger
May 162Carol Kaffenberger