Lewinsville Presbyterian Church is on the way to becoming certified by Presbyterian Church (USA) Environmental Ministries as an Earth Care Congregation! To become an Earth Care Congregation, a church must pledge to integrate environmental practices and thinking into all facets of church life and complete projects and activities in the areas of worship, education, facilities, and outreach. Session recently affirmed the Earth Care Pledge and approved an initiative to proceed with applying for certification. Becoming an Earth Care Congregation will honor our commitment to caring for God’s earth and provide structure for increasing our commitment in the future.

Where do we stand?

Lewinsville has for many years been mindful of the importance of being good environmental stewards. A detailed assessment of our practices revealed that we already meet or exceed most of the application requirements. We will be stepping up our efforts in the coming months so that we are fully ready to apply in the next application review cycle (January 2019). Stay tuned for further Earth Care announcements and activities. We’re going to do what we do well, even better!


Here are some earth-care related actions we have already taken, or do on an ongoing basis:

  • Conducted an energy assessment of our facility and implemented many of the resulting recommendations regarding more efficient windows, lighting, heating/cooling;
  • Use Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday;
  • Regularly do communion by intinction;
  • Offer an earth care-focused devotional discipline for Lent;
  • Serve Fair Trade coffee at our gatherings;
  • Offer electronic distribution of our Newsletter;
  • Recycle and reuse materials;
  • Donate used material for reuse in social justice projects;
  • Service projects related to earth care (Good Samaritan Day grounds efforts at Westgate Elementary and the Lewinsville Retirement Residence); and
  • Limit use of bottled water, instead providing water in pitchers for large gatherings.

If you are interested in becoming part of an Earth Care team that will guide the development of the program, or if you have ideas you’d like to share but don’t want to participate in a formal way, please contact Susan Bartram or Maia Foster