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Lewinsville Presbyterian Church became a PC(USA) certified Earth Care Congregation in 2019. Earth Care Congregations commit to the Earth Care Pledge (see below), and every year seek to accomplish a specific number of actions toward caring for God’s earth. Earth Care Congregations work to make their church buildings, operations, worship services, education and outreach respectful of the glory of God’s creation. This concern for preserving and sustaining what our Creator has made is intended to go beyond church operations and extend into the homes and family lives of congregation members. The ECC program helps churches plan their continued earth care ministry and encourages greater support for this ministry from the whole congregation.



As pandemic restrictions are lifted, many of us look forward to traveling again. Making the shift safely is of utmost concern, but environmental sustainability should have a priority in our planning as well. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose a destination close to home. The shorter the distance, the lower the carbon footprint.
  • Choose the most energy efficient mode of transportation for reaching your destination. Generally, shared ground transport (bus, train, carpool) is more environmentally friendly than flying. For more information:
  • If your destination requires flying, select an itinerary with as few stops as possible. A significant percentage of a plane’s carbon emissions comes from takeoff and landing.
  • Utilize public transit/shared cars at your destination whenever possible. If you rent a car, choose the smallest, most fuel-efficient model available.
  • The cruise industry has a poor environmental record historically. New technology and stronger enforcement are leading to modest improvements but some cruise lines/individual ships are better than others. If you choose to cruise, search carefully for the most sustainable option.
  • Choose lodging and tour operators based on their sustainability practices. For as assemblage of green travel resources:
  • Eat locally sourced foods when possible (vegetarian/vegan options have the lowest environmental impact) and buy locally made souvenirs;
  • Practice sustainable living practices on the road, just as you would at home:
    • Take short showers.
    • Opt to use sheets and towels for multiple days.
    • Turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat to use less energy any time you are out.
    • Reduce plastic waste: pack a reusable bag for shopping, a refillable water bottle, and a set of reusable utensils.
    • Recycle according to local guidelines.

When traveling, leave nothing behind but footprints, and keep your footprints light!


April 25, 2021: Full Service of Worship from our Faith & Climate Sunday –
Holy Ground, Good Soil – Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey, preaching.

Note: Sermon begins at 22:18


Peace and justice is God’s plan for all creation. The earth and all creation are God’s. God calls us to be careful, humble stewards of this earth, and to protect and restore it for its own sake, and for the future use and enjoyment of the human family. As God offers all people the special gift of peace through Jesus Christ, and through Christ reconciles all to God, we are called to deal justly with one another and the earth.

  • Our worship and discipleship will celebrate God’s grace and glory in creation and declare that God calls us to cherish, protect and restore this earth.
  • In education, we will seek learning and teaching opportunities to know and understand the threats to God’s creation and the damage already inflicted. We will encourage and support each other in finding ways of keeping and healing the creation in response to God’s call to earth-keeping, justice and community.
  • Our facilities will be managed, maintained and upgraded in a manner that respects and cherishes all creation, human and non-human, while meeting equitably the needs of all people. In our buildings and on our grounds we will use energy efficiently, conserve resources, and share what we have in abundance so that God’s holy creation will be sustainable for all life and future generations.
  • Our outreach will encourage public policy and community involvement that protects and restores the vulnerable and degraded earth as well as oppressed and neglected people. We will be mindful that our personal and collective actions can positively or negatively affect our neighborhood, region, nation and world. We will seek to achieve environmental justice through coalitions and ecumenical partnerships.

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Header Photo on this page by Nature Walk participant, Lewinsville