Join us on Sunday, September 30, when Lewinsville Presbyterian Church will be honoring the members of the Class of 1993 who have reached their 25th year of membership with our church family.

We will recognize the members at the 11:00 a.m. service of worship, with a reception to follow in St. Andrews Hall.

The following will be recognized for their Christian service and membership for 25 years:

  • Christen Kerr
  • Charlie and Reese Mendenhall
  • Cynthia and Paul Orlando
  • Judy Richards
  • Ernst and Sara Volgenau

It is also a great joy to recognize the following people who are the newest 50-year members:

  • Frances Grimes
  • Carolyn Michael
  • Anna Shaw
  • Alan and Liz Stevens

They will be joining the list of our “Golden Members” of the church who have been members for over 50 years:

  • Bob and Diane Alden
  • Ann Brown
  • William Cable
  • Dee Custer
  • Elaine Davis
  • Ralph Evans
  • Alice Johnston
  • Evelyn Jones
  • Lynn Kidwell
  • Saundra Leslie
  • Barbara Lofton
  • Elizabeth McKenna
  • Anne Mellor
  • Charles and Jean Mertz
  • Roy Mitchell
  • Marian O’Brien
  • Lois Rorex
  • Doug Shaw
  • Betty Sheppard
  • Roy Siple
  • Steve Stephenson
  • Caroline and Dick Van Wagoner

Note:  Lewinsville was founded in 1846 on October 17, but most of our congregation will be away at an all-church retreat on the closest weekend to that date.