A great way to share the Bible.

Having attended the first two storytelling group meetings I fully recommend it to others. Rachel Russell skillfully led a small group of us first to understand the meaning and context of a bible passage and then working together and as individuals, to the point that each of us could remember most of the same story. It was challenging but empowering and surprisingly stress free.

We read the same passage, The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus, silently as individuals and out loud to one another. It was amazing how many differences of emphasis and interpretation there were between one reader and another. We took turns trying to remember and tell the story out loud while others filled in missing pieces. It was similar to telling a collective memory around a family dinner table when a family member tells about an event and others fill in additional bits that they remember.

Sometimes a group member will present a memorized Bible passage for practice. This is a safe place to do that and we are each in charge of the story we tell. The group may provide feedback at the teller’s request.

We meet once monthly usually on the fourth Saturday at 9:30 AM. The next passage will be the Christmas story from Luke.

We welcome others to join us in this enriching experience.

–Vivian Attermeyer

For more information, email Rachel Russell at rrussell10@cox.net