A great way to share the Bible.


  • Saturday, February 24
  • Saturday, March 24
  • Saturday, April 28


Why Try Biblical Storytelling?

  • Because it’s fun. Because it is more fun with other people, and you learn more with other people.
  • Because it is a way to study scripture that goes deep and goes personal even if you never quite get the story “by heart”.
  • Because you will grow closer to God and each person you work on the story with or share it with.
  • Because it takes some hard work and courage.
  • Because it is an experiential way of knowing – you use your voice, you use your ears, you use your imagination, you use your body, you bring all of you.

Perhaps you will work on a story to be a lay reader. Perhaps you learn a story that feels right to you and then realize you can use it when a sick friend needs help or a grandchild needs a bedtime story or Thanksgiving dinner needs a blessing.

You might discover brand new things about life and yourself; skills you never knew you had. God always leads us to abundance so don’t worry about the end. Just give the beginning a try,

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