The next Blood drive will be held on Sunday, October 29, 2017, in Fellowship Hall.

To sign up, select and click on a red “OPEN below.  This will open up your signup form in a new window/tab.  Once you submit your signup form, you will receive a confirmation email, and your time slot will be reserved.  Your name will appear on this page within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the blood drive or if you need additional information, please call Roy Siple at 703.757.2899.

If you’ve already signed up and need to make a change, email us.  emailicon
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Please bring a photo I.D. with you when you come to donate. Thank you!

If you have any problems registering online, please contact the webmaster immediately!

PLEASE NOTE that there are rules and restrictions for blood donors due to travel and other conditions.  CLICK HERE FOR DONOR ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (document will open in a new tab).

7:45 am:

  • Richard Prichard
  • OPEN

8:00 am: 

8:15 am: 

8:30 am:  

8:45 am: 

  • Liz Bowen
  • Diane Wachtel

9:00 am: 

9:15 am:

9:30 am:

  • Karen Siple
  • Laura Jones

9:45 am:

10:00 am:

  • Frank Yurkewitch
  • OPEN

10:15 am:

10:30 am:

10:45 am:

11:00 am:

11:15 am:

11:30 am:

  • Harriet Neldon
  • OPEN

11:45 am:

12:00 Noon:

12:15 pm: