We need volunteers for Good Samaritan Day on Saturday, September 29, 2018.  Get involved in a great day of service!  There are opportunities for volunteers of all ages and talents.

Choose from four great service opportunities.

  1. Help the residents at The Lewinsville Retirement Residence with odd jobs around their apartments.
  2. Help distribute food and clothing to area residents in need with SHARE of McLean.
  3. Help prepare a home for a new family to move in with Homestretch, Northern Virginia’s largest transitional housing provider for homeless families with children.
  4. Help with small repairs and painting at the Falls Church Homeless Shelter.


  • 8:15 am – Meet in the chapel for breakfast provided by the Men’s Square Christcare Group
  • 8:45 am – Head off to your location where you will be working
  • 12:15 pm – Meet for lunch and socializing at the Lewinsville Retirement Residence (lunch cost is $7.00 per person).  Lunch is Optional.


Fill out my online form.


  • Lewinsville Retirement Residence:
    • Linda Bender (Y)
    • Suzi Podhorecki (Y)
    • Sallie Robinson (Y)
    • Evelyn Robinson (Y)
    • Anthony Parisi (Y)
    • Olivia Kansky (Y)
    • John & Ruth Thomas (Y)
    • Deirdre Ramsey (Y)
    • Roy & Karen Kiple (Y)
    • Bill Chenault (Y)
    • Suzanne Parisi (Y)
    • George Bogart (N)
    • Rob Ransom (Y)
    • Connie, Catherine & Danny Howell (Y)
    • Banafshe Aghvami (Y)
    • Laury Bender (Y)
    •  Nabeela Odish (N)
    • Jen Dunfee (did not specify)
    • Anabell Sharp (did not specify)
    • Pattie Gunter (N)
    • Lynn Kidwell (Y)
  • SHARE (limit, 7 people):
    • Pam Deese (N)
    • Sue Thomas (N)
    • Diane Wachtel (N)
    • Mary Eames (Y)
    • Toni Harrington (N)
  • Falls Church Homeless Shelter (limit, 7 people):
    • Mary Frase (arriving 10:30-10:45) (Y)
    • Joe Parisi (N)
    • Rick Ruelin (N)
  • Homestretch: 
    • Richard Tullos (N)
    • Bob & Joyce Johnson (Y)
    • Dan Thomas (N)
    • Chris, Kelly Leah and Lars Sexton (Y)
    • Menerah Malike (Y)
    • Shereen B (Y)
    • Libby and Clay McConnell (N)