DATE:  February 24, 2019

TIME:  Luncheon and program after the 2nd service of worship

WHERE:  The Lewinsville Retirement Residence dining room.

Heritage Hall has given Lewinsville generations its very best effort with few operational and structural complaints for many years. Whenever it needed repairs or updating, some sort of patchwork was deemed sufficient. Each “maybe next year” became fifty-eight years. Today, the building is outdated and overdue for re-design and re-purposing to meet the needs of 21st century Christians.

With construction cranes dotting the sky above Tysons and a growing population spreading around us, Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has a choice to make: join the re-invigoration of the McLean/Tysons area or be left behind as others make the changes necessary to launch new ministries and serve new missions.

Benign neglect will become ancient history.

All members and friends are invited to join us for a luncheon launch of our TRAIL BLAZER CAPITAL CAMPAIGN after the 11 o’clock worship service on Sunday, February 24, 2019. We will meet in the dining room of The Lewinsville Residence adjacent to the church property. Members of the capital campaign committee and the building task force will be on hand to answer questions following a short program to outline the campaign.

A 22-page booklet describing the entire project will be at each place setting. The booklet will come with a pledge card for the three-year campaign, and an envelope to return your commitment. We will encourage every member to fill out and return the pledge card quickly. The sooner the pledge cards are gathered in the church office, the sooner final plans can be made, permits obtained, and construction begun.

“Nothing could be healthier for our church and its future than to have every member contribute sacrificially to this project,” said Roland McElroy, chair of the TRAIL BLAZER Campaign Committee. “Indeed, at the conclusion of the campaign, we’re planning a special commemorative recognition of each person who has made a contribution to our future.”

“Great things are always happening here.”

We are transforming a worn out building into a modern center for welcoming, teaching, learning, counseling, mentoring, and caring for others, an environment capable of evolving quickly to meet the demands of emerging new mission opportunities as they are revealed. That says it all.

Our beloved parish associate, Mark Andrews, reflecting on his time at Lewinsville said when he retired: “Lewinsville is alive with the Spirit. Great things are always happening here.”

Indeed, they are.


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