The flexibility-is-us!

Second Saturday Set will gather on  November  3rd, the FIRST Saturday in November,  for an evening of fellowship and theatre.

We’ll meet at the home of Dan and Scotty Benson, 1710 Hicks Drive, Vienna, at 6:00 for drinks and food before heading to the Vienna Community Center for a performance of  Emilie La Marquise du Chatulet Defends  Her Life Tonight  at 8:00 P.M. Tickets for the performance are $14 each and the Bensons will pre-purchase if you let them know you’ll be attending by October 29.

For the pre-theater conviviality, Scotty discovered, after extensive research, that few local restaurants want a large group requiring separate checks on a Saturday night, so they will order food and divide  the cost among those who attend. As always, bring your favorite beverage.

Special visitors! The proprietors of the Minnesota Chapter of the Second Saturday Set will be in town and will join us on Saturday.  That would be former SSS Coordinator Judy Heath and husband Don, who actually hosted the SSS at their beautiful lake home in Wilbur, MN, several years ago. 

The choice is yours: just the 6:00 social gathering, just the 8:00 play or both.  Tell the Bensons your choice  at or 

And speaking of dates, don’t forget the Christmas party will be at the Baises on the third Saturday in December, December 15th.  Mark your calendars now!!