Sunday, April 22
11:00 a.m. Worship

A thousand ages in your sight,” a line from Isaac Watt’s hymn paraphrase of Psalm 90, provides the inspiration for this celebration of hope.

The words of Psalm 90 affirm God’s place in history, God’s relation to the passing of time and God’s relation to our lives in our time of uneasiness and conflict. Selected lines from this psalm provide the basic structure from which our song grows.

Our song begins as we are invited to wait upon God in the midst of God’s temple. It grows as we are invited to praise by a hymn from Africa and then in the German chorale Lobe den Herren.

These texts and tunes from around the world remind us that God’s people of every time and place join with us in praise of God’s constancy towards us and all creation.

The choirs of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church and a brass ensemble join to present the service.