You are invited to a special movie screening and discussion with our own John Walcott on Wednesday, October 3rd at 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.

John Walcott, Foreign Policy and National Security Editor at Thomson Reuters, served as Washington Bureau Chief at Knight Ridder, Inc. during the time period of the movie.  He is the inaugural winner of the I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard.  His work has won the Edward M. Hood Award and the Freedom of the Press Award from the National Press Club and three Overseas Press Club awards.  He is co-author of the book “Best Laid Plans: The Inside Story of America’s War Against Terrorism.”

The movie tells the UNTOLD, TRUE STORY of an intrepid team of four Knight Ridder reporters who dared to ask the questions their colleagues did not in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, regarding the reasons behind the Bush Administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel (played by Woody Harrelson and James Marsden, respectively) working with the support of their editor John Walcott (played by Rob Reiner) and famous war correspondent Joe Galloway (Tommy Lee Jones), set forth to sift through the chaos and official lies to uncover the truth.  Knight Ridder was the only major news organization to challenge the Bush administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al Qaeda.  Award Winning Director Rob Reiner brings the real life drama to the big screen in SHOCK and AWE.

Join us in Fellowship Hall for this showing of the movie followed by a candid discussion with John Walcott.  Popcorn and movie treats provided.

Rated:  R (Language)  90 min. running time.


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