Just as our church members are on the move during summer months, so too are some of our supported missionaries.

This Summer, we are anticipating visits from two of our supported missionary families. Please take the opportunity during these visits to introduce yourself and learn about the work they are doing on our behalf in distant places.

On Sunday, July 29, Andy and Ellen Collins will be visiting and sharing information about their work in Thailand during our worship service. The Collins family is on “home leave” during June and July and are anxious to visit Lewinsville Church again (many of us remember the time when they brought a large Thai Dance and Drama Troupe to perform for us). Lewinsville helps to financially support the Collins’ work through Interserve USA. Ellen Collins is a niece of Liz and Alan Stevens of our congregation.

Sometime between late July and mid-August, we expect to be visited by Brian and Helen Chapaitis who will be transitioning their mission work back to the U.S. from Papua New Guinea where they have been based for 32 years. Brian and Helen are quick to point out that they are not retiring but are changing the focus of their work in a way that will allow them to operate from the U.S. Lewinsville helps to financially support the Chapaitis’ work through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Helen Chapaitis is the daughter of Frances Grimes of our congregation.