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Adult Education: February 13-27

Please note: This Class will meet on Zoom
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MODULE 4: February 13-27, 2022


Lamenting has become a lost art form in the midst of much contemporary worship and liturgy. The book of Lamentations, one of only a handful of books in the Bible composed entirely in poetry, leads us back to the art of lament – teaching us and reminding us that to struggle with God, to wrestle with questions, to call out injustice, and to confess our own suffering and sin are deeply spiritual acts.

Theological questions of suffering and theodicy abound in the face of a calamity (whether that be the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem or a global pandemic!) The poet of the book of Lamentations wrote after a great calamity had befallen Jerusalem. The prophets of Jerusalem had seen division grow among the people. The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer (does that sound familiar?) and through their work the prophets linked these sinful practices together with the calamity that befell Jerusalem. Today – faced with the dual calamities of a global pandemic and racism – we must ponder some of the same questions as the prophets of old while we seek to heal and to be restored to right relationship with God, creation, one another, and ourselves.

In this class we will explore some fundamental questions and dive into the poetry presented in both the book of Lamentations and a modern day interpretation of this book, Alas! A Lament for the United States of America. Modeled after Lamentations, Alas is composed as an alphabet acrostic poem. Neither work provides crystal clear theological answers, but both provide rich fodder for worship, liturgy, and spiritual nourishment. More than 250 Scripture references are provided in the margins in order that the reader might have the opportunity to dive deeper into the Bible and hear the many voices of Scripture that poetically echo throughout the work. We look forward to lively discussion and pray you come with an open heart. If you’d like to order a copy of Alas! please order it from the publishers website ( ). More proceeds from the sale will make their way to Hagar’s Community Church (the congregation inside the Women’s prison).

Class Leader: Rev. Crawford Brubaker
Class Location: Zoom
How to Attend: Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Update.