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Adult Education in July

Talking About Race in 2020 from a Faith Perspective

9:45-10:45 a.m. July 5, 12, 19, 16, via zoom 
Led by the pastors and members of the Adult Education Committee

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“White Privilege.”  “White Fragility.” “Systemic Racism.” “Microaggression.” “All Lives Matter.” “Colorblindness.” As the American conversation about race continues, many of us are hearing words and phrases that are new to us, or seem to be carrying meanings or messages different than those we thought they did. In this class, we’ll examine how some of these terms are informing current conversations about race, and discuss the role they, and the concepts they convey, might play in our ongoing process of discerning how God is calling us, as individuals and as a congregation, to respond to racial injustice and inequality. 

We’ll turn to the Seattle Times’ “Under Our Skin” project ( ) to bring the voices and perspectives of people of varying racial/ethnic backgrounds, religions, and ages into our majority-White space. We’ll also draw on resources created and/or recommended by members of our local presbytery, our denomination, and other faith communities to help us understand key concepts informing current discussions about race, and how to think and talk about them in the context of our Christian faith.      

We expect to encounter a variety of viewpoints, both in the materials we read and watch, and in our own discussion.  As with many conversations at Lewinsville, our goal is not to identify a single correct meaning or use of a term, or to come to full consensus about either underlying issues or solutions, but to open up an opportunity for the Spirit to work among us as we wrestle in community with some of the thorniest and most important issues of our time. 

July 26th Class: Please join us for the final session of our summer 2020 class on talking about race from a faith perspective. We’ll focus on the concepts of White Privilege and White Supremacy, and also make sure to leave time for discussion about next steps, because we know this conversation is not complete. As we have been doing, we’ll gather at 9:30 and begin our formal conversation at 9:45.

We won’t be able to discuss all eleven of the remaining concepts included in the “Under Our Skin” project in the following three weeks (though we may be able to discuss two or even three together), so please let us know on the course registration form which ones you’d most like to discuss (and whether there are any not on the list about which you’re particularly curious and/or concerned).  Participants who register will also receive a weekly email reminder with the zoom link for the course (which will also be included in Lewinsville’s Thursday update email).  Responses to the survey received by early July will have the most influence on course content, but both registration and the survey will remain open throughout the month.  

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