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Adult Education: March 13 – April 3

Please note: This Class will meet on Zoom
Look for the Zoom Link in the Thursday Updates and Saturday Christian Education reminders.

LENTEN MODULE: March 13 – April 3, 2022


Part of a four-year 101 series (Old Testament 101, New Testament 101, Theology 101, and Spiritual Practices 101), this class will explore the basic, core beliefs of Christian theology.

The word “theology” can be intimidating to many of us (it has been to me!), but the fact is that all of us are theologians. A “theologian” is simply someone who thinks about God. While we will in no way be able to cover all of Christian theology (that could take an entire lifetime!) we will explore several of the basic, core theological doctrines that have defined our tradition. We will explore what Christians believe about the Trinity, the Incarnation, God’s covenantal relationship with us, Sin, Forgiveness, Hope, the Church, and crucially – what they have to do with our daily lives.

Whether you are new to thinking of yourself as a ‘theologian,’ or have been reflecting on these things for many years, come and join us. The class will be held on Sunday mornings on Zoom from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Class Videos:

Class Leader: Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey
Class Location: Zoom
How to Attend: Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Update.