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Adult Education – May 2 – 16


“There’s several ways of saying what’s on your mind.  And in states and countries where it ain’t too healthy to talk too loud, speak your mind, or even vote like you want to, folks have found other ways of getting the word around.  One of the mainest [sic] ways is by singing.” – Woody Guthrie

Throughout time, music has served as a means for communicating and conveying messages, be they implied, or overt.  From slave chants of the 18th and 19th centuries, to the protest songs of the 1960s, songs about labor, war, politics, gender, police brutality, and more, music has served as a means for spreading the word about a cause or movement. Join Joe & Suzanne Parisi and Pattie & Dave Gunter as we explore songs of protest and social change.

Class Leaders: Joe & Suzanne Parisi and Pattie & Dave Gunter
Class Time: Adult Education Classes will be held on ZOOM from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to allow some participants to drive to the in-person worship.
How to Attend: This class will be held on Zoom. Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Updates and the Saturday Christian Education reminder email.


Join us for the Messy Church Celebration-Pentecost on May 2 beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Zoom.

An Update from the Adult Education Committee
January 2021

The adult education committee has received several requests to record classes. We recognize the value of being able to revisit a class, catch up with a missed class session, or share a session with a family member or friend. At the same time, we’re aware of privacy concerns and the concern that recording may make participants self-conscious and uncomfortable to share personal observations. To balance these considerations, we will use the following criteria to decide which classes to record:

  • The leaders/speakers associated with a class, and with individual class sessions, are the primary judges of whether a class is appropriate for recording. They hold veto power over recording a class series or session.
  • As a rule, we believe that classes that consist mostly of presentation with some Q&A are more appropriate for recording than those that consist primarily of discussion.
  • Regardless of the proportion of presentation and discussion/Q&A, we will not record classes which invite participants to share opinions on potentially-sensitive political or policy questions, or to share personal experiences.
  • We will always let participants know if a class is being recorded. Notice that the class will be recorded will appear in the class write up in the Newsletter and Thursday Mail along with the ZOOM link.

If you have any questions or thoughts about class recording, please feel free to share them with any member of the Adult Education Committee or Cathy Saunders, the chair.