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Sunday Adult Education – Module One

MODULE 1: September 20 – October 18, 2020


Do (or should) Christians have a unique, faith-based perspective on major issues of public policy? At a time of growing partisan tension and rancor and facing s contentious election, we will hold another session of the Lewinsville Forum, our long-running venue for looking at specific public policy issues through the eyes of faith.

At a minimum we will discuss (1) police reform focusing on where things stand in Fairfax County. We will discuss Fairfax County Police statistics that show a 5-to-1 disparity in the use of force against Blacks in the County, other reform issues, and possible solutions, (2) how Christians—especially white Christians—should deal with the legacy of slavery, focusing our discussion on the question of reparations or other means of reconciliation (formal apology, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, non-monetary reparations), (3) legal immigration and whether the recent restrictions on it raise issues for Christians (we will include legal asylum but not issues relating to the southern border or to our attitude toward the millions of undocumented individuals now in the United States, topics we have discussed in the past).

We are still considering which other topics to cover (we have two open Sudays). The facilitators would welcome specific suggestions which can be sent to The discussions in each week will be self-contained, so participants can attend as many or as few sessions as they wish. All classes will be via Zoom.

The goal of these sessions is not to tell anyone how to vote or to select among alternatives but to see how our faith colors our approach to any alternative. The facilitators have both served in government, one in a senior position in a Democratic Congress and the other in senior positions in the executive branch under Republican Presidents. Their goal will be to force us to confront the implications of our faith, not to evaluate (much less promote) specific partisan solutions.

October 18th Session: The final session of the Lewinsville Forum will focus on housing and on the implications of three facts: (1) there is a significant wealth gap between African Americans and other Americans, (2) the value of a home is an important component of wealth for many people and (3) for many decades the U.S. government actively suppressed the ability of African Americans to own housing in decent areas.  We will discuss how people of faith should respond and the implications for racial justice of the situation.  

Class Leaders: David Morrison, Linton Brooks, Adrian Steel (Fairfax County police issues)
How to Attend: This class will gather at 9:30 on Zoom. The program will run from 9:45-10:45 am. Watch the Thursday Update for the Zoom link.


What’s in the Bible (for Me)? This study walks parents through the narrative of the Bible—the Bible’s big story–helping our kids make sense of life in a sometimes horrible, sometimes wonderful world.

October 18th Session: Understanding Sin and Judgment.  What’s the problem with kids not understanding the idea of sin? What is judgment and what isn’t it?  And how to discuss these “negative” subjects with our kids.

Class Information: See the Family Ministry-Messy Church page
How to Attend: This class will meet on Zoom from 9:30 – 10:45 am. Register HERE to receive the Zoom link each week.