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Adult Education: Nov 28 – Dec 19

Please note: This Class will meet on Zoom beginning November 7
Look for the Zoom Link in the Thursday Updates and Saturday Christian Education reminders.

ADVENT MODULE: November 28 – December 19


What makes Christmas Christmas? For the Christian community, a central truth is that God no longer is far off. God in the Christ child has drawn near. God is our Emmanuel “God with us.” And God as our Emmanuel bestows upon us such blessings as Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy. But how do we experience these moods during this holy season. Answers abound. But one of the time-honored ways is through the singing of Advent hymns and Christmas carols. This class, led by Rev. Dan Thomas will study and examine four of these great songs. We will consider not only the history and theology of these songs but also explore some of the biblical texts that inspired their composition. Opportunity will also be given for participants to share how these songs speak to them personally.

A weekly study guide plus other resources will be made via this website. If possible please bring to class a Bible and a copy of each song.

Class Leader: Dan Thomas
Class Location: Zoom
How to attend this meeting: Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Update