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Adult Education

MODULE 3: January 3 – 31, 2021


Presbyterianism in America has always been primarily a white persons’ religion, and it has been heavily influenced by racist beliefs and practices. But it has also been shaped by influences that have been sharply critical of racism, and the ongoing struggle between those two tendencies has been a major determinant of the role Presbyterians have played in American society.

This series of talks is designed to shed light on some of the more important phases in the evolution of the thinking of American Presbyterians (both black and white) on this subject.

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Class Leader:  Bruce Douglass 
How to Attend: Zoom gathering at 9:30 am with session beginning at 9:45 am. The Zoom link will be provided in the Thursday Update email.


Tapping on the skills and talents from the Lewinsville congregation, the Deacons have designed a special class held each Sunday morning during the month of January. This class will cover such topics as dealing with grief & loss, and self-care. Also, some of the faith-based lessons learned from the Pandemic will be explored.

  • January 3: Coping with Grief and Anxiety in the Time of COVID, led by Wendy Maiwurm and based on an article by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, from the Center for Loss & Life Transition. As Dr. Wolfelt notes: “The coronavirus is not only causing a viral pandemic—it is giving rise to a pandemic of grief.” CLICK HERE to read the background article by Dr. Alan Wolfelt.
  • January 10: Well Being During the Pandemic-Panel of Medical Experts (Debbie Leavens, Scott Bartram, Pat Buss), part 1. The basics of self-care, dealing with loneliness and isolation. This will be an opportunity for questions to the medical professionals.
  • January 17: Faith-based Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: As we shift from “how do we get through this” to “how do we emerge out of this better and stronger,” this class will focus on lessons learned from the Pandemic. (Led by Charlie Mendenhall)
  • January 24: Well Being During the Pandemic-Panel of Medical Experts, part 2 – (Pat Buss, Deborah Leavens, Scott Bartram, Christen Kerr): A discussion on well-being during the pandemic. Led by a panel of health professionals, this will be an opportunity to continue the discussion of topics related to well-being, such as self-care and isolation.
  • No Class today.


Class Leaders: Various, as listed above
How to Attend: Each session will be held on ZOOM gathering at 9:30 a.m. and session begins at 9:45 a.m. The ZOOM link will be provided in the Thursday Update email.

MESSY CHURCH for Children and Families

  • January 3: Arise! Shine! For thy light has come! On Zoom @9:30 am
  • January 31: The Lord’s Prayer. On Zoom @9:30 am

An Update from the Adult Education Committee
January 2021

The adult education committee has received several requests to record classes. We recognize the value of being able to revisit a class, catch up with a missed class session, or share a session with a family member or friend. At the same time, we’re aware of privacy concerns and the concern that recording may make participants self-conscious and uncomfortable to share personal observations. To balance these considerations, we will use the following criteria to decide which classes to record:

  • The leaders/speakers associated with a class, and with individual class sessions, are the primary judges of whether a class is appropriate for recording. They hold veto power over recording a class series or session.
  • As a rule, we believe that classes that consist mostly of presentation with some Q&A are more appropriate for recording than those that consist primarily of discussion.
  • Regardless of the proportion of presentation and discussion/Q&A, we will not record classes which invite participants to share opinions on potentially-sensitive political or policy questions, or to share personal experiences.
  • We will always let participants know if a class is being recorded. Notice that the class will be recorded will appear in the class write up in the Newsletter and Thursday Mail along with the ZOOM link.

If you have any questions or thoughts about class recording, please feel free to share them with any member of the Adult Education Committee or Cathy Saunders, the chair.