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All Saints/Climate in the Pulpit Sunday

On Sunday, November 7, Lewinsville will observe two different – but related – themes. We will celebrate All Saints Sunday, in which we will remember and give thanks for those who have died and are part of the Great Communion of Saints. We will also celebrate Climate in the Pulpit Sunday, in which we will join with other churches, synagogues, and mosques to lift up the importance of caring for God’s creation as a part of our religious life and responsibility.

On the day when we will be remembering our ancestors in the faith who have gone before us, we will claim the mantle of responsibility for being good ancestors for those who will follow us, mindful that our actions today to care for the earth will have an impact for generations to come. In the same way, if we fail to act for the good of the earth, that will also have an impact on our children and grandchildren.

The theme of this year’s Climate in the Pulpit Sunday – which is sponsored by our partners at Virginia Interfaith Power and Light – is “For the Common Good: Honoring the Kinship of Our Neighbors and All Creation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott.