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Anniversary Sunday

Happy Anniversary, Lewinsville!

Join us on Sunday, October 17, when Lewinsville Presbyterian Church will be honoring the Class of 1996 at the 11:00 am service having reached the 25th year of membership with our church family.

The following will be recognized for their Christian service and membership for 25 years:

Scott & Susan Bartram
Karen Hager
Lauren Kushin

Christine Lofton
Michelle Maiwurm
Rick & Harriet Neldon

Tara Shaw
Pat Winterhalter

It is also a great joy to recognize the following people who are the newest 50-year members:

Doug McGuire
Celia and Quinn Morrison
Mary Ann Philipp

They will be joining the list of our “Golden Members” of the church who have been members for over 50 years:

Diane Alden
Bill Cable
Dee Custer
Elaine Davis
Lois Dokken
Ralph Evans
Bob & Cathy Gaugler
Frances Grimes
Evelyn Jones
Kirsten Kenney

Lynn Kidwell
Donna Knoerr
Saundra Leslie
Barbara Lofton
Elizabeth McKenna
Anne Mellor
Charles & Jean Mertz
Carolyn Michael
Roy Mitchell
Marian O’Brien

Jody Ransom
Don Robb
Lois Rorex
Anna Shaw
Doug Shaw
Roy Siple
Alan & Liz Stevens
Steve Stephenson
Caroline & Richard Van Wagoner

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has stood at the crossroads of Chain Bridge Road and Great Falls Street since 1846. Come celebrate our rich heritage with us!