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Anniversary Sunday

Join us on Sunday, September 29th during the 11:00 am service of worship when the church will be honoring the members who have reached the 50th and 25th year of membership with our church family.

We will also recognize our “Golden Members” of the church who have been members for over 50 years!

The following will be recognized for their Christian service and membership for 50 years:

  • Bob Gaugler
  • Cathy Gaugler
  • Kirsten Kenney
  • Donna Knoerr
  • Betty Palmer
  • Jody Ransom
  • Don Robb

It is also a great joy to recognize the following people who are the newest 25-year members:

  • Clay Ancell
  • Kay Ancell
  • Vivian Attermeyer
  • Pat Buss
  • Bill Gray
  • Lori Gray
  • Rob Hunter
  • Linda Platt

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has stood at the crossroads of Chain Bridge Road and Great Falls Street since 1846. Come celebrate our rich heritage with us!