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Annual Meeting of the Congregation

On Sunday, February 2 at 9:45am, the congregation of Lewinsville Church will gather for its annual meeting in Fellowship Hall for consideration of the pastor’s terms of call, presentation of the church budget for 2020, presentation of the annual report, voting on church officers, and any other items that belong before the congregation. 

Additionally, the Nominating Committee will be presenting its recommended slate of persons to make up the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee. 

This will be a time to look back at 2019, as well as a time to look forward to the year to come. We hope that you will mark your calendars now for this important gathering in the life of our congregation.

While adults are meeting in Fellowship Hall for the Annual Meeting, children from age 4 through grade 6

While Mom and Dad are in the Annual Meeting in Fellowship Hall, children age 4-grade 6 and youth will meet in the Chapel for breakfast treats and the a game of What Would Jesus Do? (Think of the game Scruples, and Truth or Dare all wrapped in Bible principles and you’ve got a picture of What Would Jesus Do?) Join us for a morning of fun and fellowship!


Slate of Officers Proposed by the Nominating Committee:

  • Elders – Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023)
    • Pat Buss
    • Phil Church
    • Phil Cooke
    • Carol Kaffenberger
  • Deacon/Stephen Ministers – Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023)
    • Sharon Gamble
    • Suzanne Parisi
    • Roberta Wolfe
  • LPC Foundation Board – Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023)
    • Bob Johnson
    • Jerry Kohlenberger
    • Paul Phillips
  • Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC)
    • Jack Calhoun
    • Bruce Douglass
    • Mary Frase
    • Siobhan Grayson
    • Elaine Guth
    • Meggie Lineberger
    • Doug Smith
  • Congregational Nominating Committee (terms expire April 30, 2022):
    • Claire Grossi
    • Roland McElroy
    • Joe Parisi
    • Amy Yurkewitch
  • CLECK OF SESSION: Linda Bender (1st Year)
  • CHURCH TREASURER: Janet Gale (2ndYear)