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VIRTUAL Annual Meeting of the Congregation

On Sunday, February 7 at 9:45 am, the congregation of Lewinsville Church will gather via Zoom Webinar for its annual meeting for consideration of the pastor’s terms of call, presentation of the church budget for 2021, presentation of the annual report, voting on church officers, and any other items that belong before the congregation.  In order to attend the Annual Meeting, you need to register. Look for the Zoom Webinar link in the Thursday Update on January 28th and February 4th and also in the Annual Meeting email reminder to be sent on Sunday morning, February 7th, at 9:15 am. You may register now or anytime prior to the meeting. Note: Using Webinar version of Zoom means you will not appear on the screen and your microphone will be musted; only the meeting hosts and speakers will appear on your screen.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: In order to help establish a quorum for the meeting, please enter your full name when registering.  If you are a couple registering to attend together, please enter both first names in the first name field (e.g., John & Mary).  If, as a couple, you have different last names, enter one full name in the first name field and one full name in the last name field.  Thank you.

DOWNLOAD/VIEW the 2020 Annual Report

The annual report is available on this page and in the church office.  The bios of new officers and financials will be sent to members next Thursday via email. 

Please contact Sandy in the church office (703-356-7200) if you would like an annual report mailed to you.

We will be voting on the following lists of nominees:

  • Elders (Class of 2024)
    • John Day
    • Siobhan Grayson
    • Nate Jones
    • Kelly Sexton
  • Deacons (Class of 2024)
    • Banafshe Aghvami (second term)
    • Diane Alden
    • Jack Hess
    • Janet Kohlenberger
  • Foundation Board Members (Class of 2024)
    • Leslie Bumgarner
    • Tonya Deyo
    • David Foster
  • Congregational Nominating Committee (Class of 2023)
    • Scotty Benson
    • Mike Deese
    • Jim Edmondson
    • Emily Foster