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Longest Night

In collaboration with Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Immanuel and Lewinsville Presbyterian invite our communities of faith to come together for a worship service that makes room to bring our broken and breaking hearts to God. Join us by the fireplace in the sanctuary.

Sometimes the holidays don’t feel like holy-days, and every carol can seem like a reminder of what hurts. The first Christmas wasn’t all joy and wonder, but a time of fear and fleeing, a time of seeking safety during the longest of nights. “We can’t all be joyful and performatively perfect all the time.” -Kate Bowler So come to worship during Blue Christmas service, and just be you– your sad, confused, grief-stricken, overwhelmed self. Come and be your depressed and anxious you. Come and be your most supportive, open self, simply to hold space for your neighbors and friends who are especially hurting this time of year. Let’s gather to worship through our tears, and to make space in community to tend to what hurts.