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Messy Church & Brunch Sunday


9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.


He’s alive! So now what?? Once the eggs have been found, chocolate consumed, and bonnets put away, it may seem that Easter loses its thrill. But the empty tomb is only the beginning of the story.   He didn’t go straight up to Heaven afterwards. He was actually on earth for forty days prior to His ascension, and during that time He appeared in various ways to people.  This Messy Church focuses on Christ’s           appearances after resurrection and how disciples and others who witnessed His resurrection, perceived the GREAT SURPRISE!

Join us for activities, crafts, games, and storytelling that recount the many appearances of Christ after His resurrection.  Our activities time will be followed by a closing worship and brunch.  All ages and stages are invited.  (Children must be accompanied by an adult).