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Messy Church

Jesus announces the Kingdom of God and gives us a taste of what that Kingdom is like through His miracles:
There will be no hunger…. He feeds 5000 people just like that! There will be no sickness….. He heals people. The crippled, the blind…. whatever is broken about us is fixed the way it was supposed to be! He calms the wild sea and even raises people from the dead to show that in this Kingdom of God there is nothing to fear-not even death itself!

Children and families are invited to join Messy Church on ZOOM beginning at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, February 20th to explore the Amazing Miracles of Jesus. Watch the Thursday Mail and the weekly Mini Mess email for the ZOOM link for this Messy Church. Packages with supplies for the activities will be sent to participants ahead of the Messy Church.

If you would like to join in and receive a package, register below with your email and mailing address before February 14.

Read about the Messy Church Program for 2021-2022
and download the Messy Church Protocols