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Reformation Sunday Adult Education

A Reformed Vision for the Whole Church

Our special Reformation Sunday Adult Education class will feature Dr. Larry Golemon, Transitional Director of the Reformed Institute.

Dr. Golemon will explore distinct themes from the beginning of the Reformed tradition that speak to the entire Church–then and now.   

  • What are the marks of unity that bind all churches from a Reformed perspective?   
  • How can Church leadership be structured to limit abuses of power and insure collaboration and accountability? 
  • How can you and I grow more deeply into a community that embodies Christ’s gift of grace and the call to serve and love one another?   

These fundamental questions are key to the future of Christian unity and they have direct implications for our larger social and political life together. 

This class will be held on Zoom at 9:30 am on Sunday, October 25th. Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Update on October 22 and in the Christian Education reminder sent out on Saturday afternoon, October 24.

About Dr. Golemon:

Dr. Larry Golemon, in addition to his role as Director of the Reformed Institute, is Executive Director of the Washington Theological Consortium, a community of theological schools and partners from diverse traditions working together for mutual understanding and common work. Dr. Golemon brings his knowledge of and connection to other faith-based organizations in the DC area. At the Alban Institute, Dr. Larry Golemon directed the “Narrative Leadership project,” which explored story-based transformation of congregational life (published in their Narrative Leadership series). He served as a research consultant for the national study of seminary education by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and co-authored their findings in Educating Clergy (2006).