Claimed …. Called …. Sent

Second Saturday Set

We’re going to celebrate Veterans’ Day in a very personal way this year by honoring the veterans in our own families, including some of our members. 

Join your Second Saturday Set friends at Bob and Joyce Johnson’s home (1176 Orlo Drive, McLean) on November 16 (yes, the third Saturday) and bring the names of all of your relatives and ancestors you know have served in the military. The more information you can share the better, e.g., when they served, where they served, especially if in a war, rank or grade, you get the idea.  If you have pictures, all the better,  and mementos would be wonderful. Bob guarantees a Civil War sword (either side) would have a special place of honor on the display table.

Sign up to be part of this special night by emailing Jan Jacewicz ( to get a food assignment. Bring your food assignment and  your own favorite beverage …. as well as those pictures, and patches  and family records.  It all starts at 6:00pm