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Sunday Adult Education – Advent Module

ADVENT MODULE: November 29 – December 13


In this Covid-19 pandemic year, we have been forced to wait in many ways. Waiting is often hard. At times it can be a tiresome challenge. But waiting can also provide us with divine blessings. Advent is both a season of waiting and coming, as we expectantly wait for the coming of our Lord and Savior. So what can we learn from the waiting experiences of some of the key biblical personalities of Advent?

Using a curriculum entitled Advent Through the Eyes of Those Who Waited, join Dan Thomas and John Nothaft as we explore with the class through scripture, music, and poetry how Isaiah, Zechariah, Mary, and Elizabeth faced both the challenges and blessings of waiting. A participant piece is available for all three lessons via email. The schedule will be:

  • November 29th – The Prophet(s) Isaiah – Download/View Handout
  • December 6th – Annunciations Visit to Zechariah and Mary
  • December 13th – Mary and Elizabeth’s Songs Of Blessedness

Class Leader: Rev. Dan Thomas and John Nothaft, Director of Music Ministries
How to Attend: Zoom. (Look for the link in the Thursday Updates and Saturday CE Reminder emails)


The recent election confirms there is a deep partisan division in the United States. Many have become concerned that the fabric of American democracy is being weakened by that deep division. This three week course will examine the potential risk to democracy, discuss what might be done to counteract any damage and consider what the role of the institutional Presbyterian Church and the congregation at Lewinsville should be. We will NOT re-litigate issues in the election nor discuss who actually won or who should have won. The three sessions will be:

  • November 29: The Guardrails of Democracy. Americans are justly proud of their formal institutions of democracy. A recent study of democracy failures in other countries, How Democracies Die, has argued that there are also informal institutions and practices that are important to the health of democracy. We will examine these “guardrails of democracy,” discuss whether they are important and whether they are in danger and, if so, what we might do about it.
  • December 6: Reconciliation Versus Accountability. Both political parties have accused the other of crimes and have urged that legal action be taken against opposition party leaders including at the highest level. Yet doing so can limit the ability for reconciliation as partisans believe they are being unfairly singled out for revenge rather than for justice. We will discuss how to balance the need for accountability with the need for reconciliation.
  • December 13: The Role of the Church. While we hope to ultimately live in the Kingdom of God, the Reformed tradition stresses that democracy is an invaluable institution here on earth. Yet Christians have not escaped the deep divisions that plague our country. Recognizing this, we will discuss what the church should do to facilitate reconciliation, focusing on our own denomination and congregation.

One of the great strengths of Lewinsville has been our ability to discuss difficult issues in a civil manner. There is no advanced reading for this course and no prerequisite for attending except a willingness to engage in civil dialogue and to avoid personal attacks on political leaders, party leaders, people in the room or anyone else.

Class Leader: Linton Brooks
How to Attend: Zoom. (Look for the link in the Thursday Updates and Saturday CE Reminder emails)