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In-Person Taizé Worship

Join us on Sunday, June 6 at 7:00 pm for Taizé Worship, a meditative way to begin your week.

Lewinsville’s choirs will make their debut and help lead our end of the program year Taizé service. The musical leadership will support and inspire in this meditative and restorative worship service.
The service will be held indoors in the sanctuary.

Registration is required. Use the registration form below. All must wear a mask when inside the building. The congregation is invited to sing with masks on.

Taizé is a place hidden away in the hills of Burgundy, France. It is an ecumenical community of brothers whose worship is at the heart of their life. Worship at the Taizé community happens thrice daily and is called Taizé prayer. Taizé prayer has two essential elements: song and silence.

The Taizé songs are a form of sung prayer. The songs are short chants (usually words from scripture) that are repeated over and over giving them a meditative quality. The silence during Taizé prayer a time of listening, a time to have one’s soul open for God.

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