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The Lewinsville Youth Fellowship Program involves grades 7-12 and meets weekly on Sunday evenings in conjunction and cooperation with the youth choir program (Lewinsville Choristers and Youth Bells).

Here at Lewinsville, the youth are part of the congregational life. Our students serve in Sunday morning worship, join in inter-generational activities and events through the Sunday morning CE program, and share in mission & service through Sunday evening Youth Fellowship. The students also serve and reach out to the surrounding community through involvement with mission & service projects done in conjunction with Lewinsville’s Mission & Service Ministry Group and mission oriented groups like World Vision, Share, and the Salvation Army.

Sunday night Youth Fellowship is a time for youth to reconnect with each other and their faith. The program runs from 6:15 to 8:15 pm with dinner provided followed by a lesson/discussion followed by a recreational or learning activity to end the evening.


To name each and every youth as a child of God, knowing that God matters to them and the world; to ensure that each young person knows that they matter to God, to the Church and to Lewinsville Church; to nurture faith in our young people such that it will guide and comfort them throughout their lives; to set before our youth the vision that as today’s disciples they will be called to become tomorrow’s apostles.


To grow and sustain a vibrant youth ministry to:

  • provide opportunities to serve Jesus Christ through mission and outreach;
  • offer a safe, welcoming place of refuge, fun and activities to deepen the connections of youth to God, our community, the world, and to each other;
  • welcome all who come and actively reach out to others;
  • encourage active participation of parents and families and develop creative ways for balancing youth activities and life’s other demands;
  • craft programs and activities that will continue to draw youth back to the church and create a life-long faith;
  • engage youth in important roles in our church as worship participants, as disciples and apostles, and as leaders.
  • provide educational opportunities which allow the youth to grow in biblical and theological understanding.


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