Claimed …. Called …. Sent

Friday, March 18

Mark 10:32-52

Transformation:  Belief or Faith?

Focus Verse:  Mark 10:32

Jesus said to him, “Go; your faith has made you well.”


In his book The Future of Faith, Harvey Cox writes that for many of us Faith and Belief are two words for the same thing.  In reality, they are not.  Faith is about deep-seated confidence.  Belief, on the other hand, is more like opinion and can carry with it a degree of uncertainty.  We can believe something to be true without it making much difference to us; but we place our faith only in something that is vital for the way we live.  Belief is based on the foundation of what we have experienced in the past.  Faith is based on the future into which we are living.  In the passages from Mark, Blind Bartimaeus was given his sight because he had faith that came from the depths of his heart.  Bartimaeus let go of his old life and embraced faith, which enabled him to see the future.  That active faith in Jesus transformed his life.  At Easter, faith opens our eyes and our lives to the transforming future of life with God.


Doubting is the forefront of faith,

a faith in the infinite growth of an unbounded creation.  

A doubting age is one of restlessness 

and discontent with what is current; 

a doubt is an idea that is still alive.  

To doubt that the past has uncovered all things 

is to express faith 

that many things are still to be uncovered.  

To doubt that we have grown 

to our full stature and knowledge 

is to express faith that we may develop 

into beings of such power and dignity 

that we cannot as yet imagine what shall be.


(From, Mishkan T’Filah, A Reform Prayerbook; Central Conference of American Rabbis, New York, 2007; P. 405)

Rick Neldon