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Friday, March 25

Psalms 22, 81, 93,105, and 130

From 81, v.1: Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob. –King James, written by Asaph for the chief musician


Most of us are not Bible scholars, and aspects of the books in the Old Testament mystify me. I wonder how the books were written and circulated millennia ago. I wonder, for example, in the Psalms why:

  • In some of them both “Lord” and “God” or “Lord thy God” are used in the translations – what is the intended difference?
  • Why the choice of sequence, mixing those Psalms attributed to David or Asaph or no one? And what is the real meaning or use of a “Song of Degrees” is (beyond the explanation we get in google)?
  • Did those histories of subjugation at the hands of conquerors justify for centuries the wrath that some of the writers called upon God to impose on others? How different from Jesus’ message.
  • Did other parts of the history, such as the reciting of the Joseph story, get passed along mainly in song, as in 105?
  • The amazing change in tone from the pitiable David in 22 to the joyful David in the more famous 23.

I much prefer the joyful Psalms, like parts of 81. They remind me to count my blessings. In this season of joy, when we are also completing our building renovation, the joys of the Jewish community in the Psalms remind me of the joys of our shared Lewinsville community. (Like the pure, unfettered joy of our grandchildren below.)


Dear Lord, open our minds and hearts every day to the joys of the lives you have given us and the opportunity to share that joy and your blessings with others. Amen.

Jim Edmondson