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A New Monthly Fellowship Event for Children and Youth

What is Hoops? A social-distanced event for kids that everyone loves (and that’s easy to host)!

How does Hoops work? Set up hula hoops 6 feet apart in the church parking lot or Fellowship Hall. Hoops is a social-distanced kids event where parents drop their kids off at the church at an hour later. Kids enter the event space, find a hula hoop to sit in, and the fun begins! Each month we will have different activities and fun that will safely bring the kids together for Fellowship, Fun and Frolic. Watch the Thursday Updates for specific times each month.

What do kids bring? Themselves, a beach towel to sit on inside their hula hoop and they must wear a mask.

How long does it last? About an hour. Similar to a carpool line at school, parents drop off in the church parking lot, then parents pick up in the carpool line at the end. Parents never even have to get out of their cars!

How often is Hoops? Hoops is hosted by the Music and Children’s Programs at Lewinsville and involves the children and youth in the music, bell and puppets “choirs” every 2nd Sunday of the month as a way for participants in these groups to stay connected.


March Madness 3:30 pm  Children are invited to join us in the church parking lot for games, relays, fellowship and fun.  Participants must wear a mask.