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September 2019 Newsletter:

Peters Property Final Update

First, a bit of history.  In 2007, the Lewinsville Retirement Residence (LRR) and the church jointly purchased the Peters Property adjacent to both LRR and Lewinsville Church, behind the newer portion of the church’s large parking lot.  A limited liability company (LLC), Lewinsville Property Holding Company, was formed to hold title to the property and be responsible for the loan to purchase the property.  The Lewinsville Foundation advanced the funds to pay the church’s portion of the monthly principal and interest on the loan.

In December 2017, Lewinsville Retirement Residence purchased the church’s share of Peters Property Holdings based on an assessment of the current value of the property.  LRR made a substantial down payment and a promissory note covered the rest of the purchase price.  That note called for quarterly payments, with interest, starting in January of 2018 and running through the second quarter of 2021.  LRR has been making those quarterly payments and the church has used the monies received to repay the Lewinsville Foundation for the funds advanced to pay the Lewinsville Property Holdings LLC loan principal and interest.

Fast forward to July of 2019.  LRR refinanced its loan with HUD on their property and as part of that transaction, needed to pay off its promissory note to the church.  On July 26, the church received $455,723.80 from LRR, which represented the outstanding balance and interest on the promissory note.  The church then transferred $204,862.28 to the Lewinsville Foundation to repay the remainder of what the church owed the Foundation for the principal and interest on the Lewinsville Property Holdings LLC loan.  In December of 2018, the Session, on recommendation from the Finance Committee, voted to distribute to the Capital Campaign the difference between what the church would receive from LRR and what it still owed the Foundation.  That amount was $250,861.02, which was transferred to the Capital Campaign account on July 29, raising the amount pledged to the Campaign by that amount.   

July/August 2019 Newsletter:


Beginning with the September 2019 Newsletter, we are going to be sending the Newsletters by email.

We hope this change in how we distribute the Newsletter will reflect our new emphasis on Earth Care and be a time saving and cost effective move. This will also make the Newsletter more versatile as we will be able to include links to extended articles and information.
We recognize that not all our members have access to a computer and email. For those individuals the church office knows would fall into this category, the monthly Newsletter will be mailed out first class. (If you don’t have access to email, contact Sandy in the church office, 703-356-7200). Printed copies will also be available in the Information Rack outside the church office.

The deadline for Newsletter articles will continue to be the second Sunday of the month. Articles that are large (more that 200 words) and take up more that 1/4 of the page (without pictures) will be edited to include the basic information in the Newsletter with a link to the Lewinsville website for the full information.

If you have any questions please contact Allison Lineberger or Sandy Albrecht at the church office (703-356-7200).


The Facilities Ministry is a vibrant and active group working to provide a welcoming, comfortable, safe and secure environment for the members and friends of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.

There is a currently a major building project underway, but the annual work projects and maintenance of the building and grounds is not on hold while the renovation plans are being drawn up.

To help convey that message here are some of the projects that have been completed through May 2019 and projects projected through the end of the year.

  • Completed projects this year:
    • Clergy staff office refresh and relocation
    • Window well coverings outside of the choir rehearsal room
    • Tree inventory and pruning project across the campus
    • Manse ceiling repairs and HVAC repairs
    • Fellowship Hall kitchen painting and “deep cleaning”
    • Exterior door repairs
  • Projects slated for the summer:
    • Sanctuary Roof replacement (storm damaged March 22, 2019) covered by insurance.
    • Downspout and drainage improvements
    • Renovation of Bethany Room restroom

In addition to these current year projects, the regularly scheduled and emergency building maintenance continues throughout the year.

Our thanks to the hard-working Facilities Ministry: Steve Becker, John Bowen, Vern Gale, Michelle Gottke, Pattie Gunter, Ed Hamer, Rob Hunter, Doug McGuire, Joe Parisi, Adrian Steel, Ed Sumner, Steve Kirkland, Rev. Scott Ramsey, Bob Clark