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Because of the Enormous Generosity of the Congregation of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, the Deacons and the Mission and Service Ministry Group were able to distribute an additional $45,000 to support mission activities.  These activities included the following activities:

Children and Youth Service Project

A new Lewinsville children and youth service project where $5,000 was evenly distributed to fifty children and youth of the congregation.  Each child and their family were able to use the funds to help others in a variety of ways. One child donated $100 to Second Story and another who loves to cook to World Central Kitchen.  One youth to SHARE and another to a formerly homeless man he met during a school project .  The project provided an opportunity for the younger folks of Lewinsville to see the needs around them and to actively share God’s love and money from the surplus in a tangible way.  

Thrive East of the River

In collaboration with Martha’s Table and Bread for the City and others donations were made to Ward 8 families to address economic instability posed by Covid.  These families will receive 5 months of weekly groceries, dry goods and up to $1100 in financial assistance for rent abatement.  The program also provides navigators providing help accessing unemployment insurance, tax credits, and other benefits. Additional donations may be made online at

Washington Area Fuel Fund

The area fuel fund is administered through Washington Gas and the Salvation Army to help people in financial need to pay their fuel bills.  Since 1983, the Fund has a rolling application process to select families in need of help.  Washington Gas handles the fundraising and promotion of the program, and the Salvation Army disburses the funds.  Additional donations are accepted online or by check here:


Operating out of the McLean Baptist Church, SHARE of McLean is a food and clothing pantry offering food and meal donations, furniture, emergency financial aid, and school supplies to those in need in the McLean area.  Additional donations are accepted online at

 Falls Church McLean Children’s Center

The Children’s Center provides early childhood programs and preschool programs to younger children, allowing their parents and family members to return to work.  In addition to the learning programs, the Children’s Center provides meal assistance and provides dental, vision, and hearing screening.  Additional donations may be made at

Second Story

Second Story provides long term housing, life skills training, and counseling for homeless youth and young mothers.  Second Story operates drop-in centers for those who need more support outside their homes including victims of human trafficking, abuse, and gang activity.  Additional donations may be made at


Homestretch provides programs and resources to empower homeless parents with children to attain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  Homestretch is designed to address the root causes of homelessness for each family and reverse it by giving them the skills, knowledge and hope they need to become productive participants in the community.  Additional donations may be made at

United Orphanage and Academy

United Orphanage & Academy in Moi’s Bridge (UOA), Kenya provides a home for 50 children and a school for more than 200 students from the orphanage and community in grades K-8th grade. LPC, along with Westminster Presbyterian Church and Old Presbyterian Meeting House are the primary sources of funding and collaborate in providing direction and guidance. In addition to housing, meals, clothing, medical care, and education for resident orphans, UOA strives to improve the educational opportunities for all of its students and financially assist orphans who attend vocational or higher education institutions. If you have questions or would like to connect, please contact Alan Stevens at

 Friends of The Lewinsville

Friends of The Lewinsville (FOL) is a non-profit providing financial support since 1982 to the Lewinsville Retirement Residence (LRR) for programs, activities and services to support residents’ physical, mental and spiritual health. The FOL support for LRR complements housing assistance residents receive from federal and county programs and helps fund the daily meal program as well as the library, education and recreational programs, monthly birthday parties, and occasional bus trips to special locations.   If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact Alan Stevens at