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The governing year begins on May 1st and ends the following April 30th. Church officers are elected at a congregation meeting held in February. Session meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Clerk of Session:  Linda Bender
Treasurer: Janet Gale

Duty Elder Schedule 2022 >>

Class of 2022 (terms expire April 30, 2023):

Pat Buss

Pat Buss (Worship Ministry Group Liaison)

Phil Church

Phil Church (Mission & Service Ministry Group Liaison)

Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke (Finance Committee, Chair)

Carol Kaffenberger

Carol Kaffenberger (Personnel Committee, Chair; Older Adult Council Liaison)

Class of 2024 (terms expire April 30, 2024):

John Day

John Day (Stewardship Committee, Chair)

Siobhan Grayson

Siobhan Grayson (Nominating Committee, Chair)

Nate Jones

Nate Jones (Youth & Young Adult Ministry Liaison)

Kelly Sexton

Kelly Sexton (Invitation/Connection Ministry Group, Chair; Fellowship Ministry Group Liaison)

Class of 2025 (terms expire April 30, 2025):

Karen Hager (Children/Family and Adult Ministry, Liaison)

Grant Mann (Facilities Committee, Liaison; Nominating Committee, Vice-Chair)

Scott Schlegel (Communications Committee, Liaison)

John Walcott (Personnel Committee, Vice-Chair)


The Board of Deacons consists of three classes of trained Deacons and is charged with providing care for those in need in our congregation. Every Deacon receives 50 hours of Stephen Ministry training. All Deacons attend preparatory classes in March and April of each year and assume their offices on May 1. The Board meets the first Tuesday of each month.

  • Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023):
    • Andrew Borene
    • Sharon Gamble (Secretary)
    • Suzanne Parisi
    • Roberta Wolfe
  • Class of 2024 (terms expire April 30, 2024):
    • Banafshe Aghvami
    • Diane Alden
    • Janet Kohlenberger
  • Class of 2025 (terms expire April 30, 2025):
    • David Jessee
    • Leslie Kohler
    • Virginia McCormick
    • Rachel Russell
    • Sue Thomas
  • Stephen Leaders:
    • Patricia Matheson
    • Karen Siple


  • Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023):
    • Jerry Kohlenberger (Treasurer)
    • Bob Johnson
    • Karen Siple (Memorials)
  • Class of 2024 (terms expire April 30, 2024):
    • Leslie Bumgarner (Secretary)
    • Tonya Deyo
    • David Foster
  • Class of 2025 (terms expire April 30, 2025):
    • Mary Frase
    • Lori Gray
    • Jim Maiwurm


Administrative Ministry Group – Elder Dave Gunter (Chair); Staffed by Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey
The Administrative Ministry Group oversees all administrative work for the Session. Its work is carried out by several committees.

  • Communications Committee – Provides oversight for all communications vehicles for Lewinsville, including the church’s website, newsletter, brochures, and digital displays. Deirdre Ramsey (Chair)
  • Facilities Committee – The Property Committee focuses on maintenance/repair and replacement of the church facilities and makes recommendations to the full committee for major expenditures. The committee also consists of the archives/cemetery sub-committee.  Elder Dave Gunter (Chair)
  • Archives Sub-Committee (Roland & Bettie McElroy, Co-Chairs)
  • Cemetery Sub-Committee (Vacant, Chair)
  • Finance Committee – Reviews the monthly financial report, coordinates fiscal affairs, and along with Ministry Group leadership, prepares an annual budget for Session consideration. Elder Phl Cooke (Chair),
  • Personnel Committee is a committee of the Management Ministry Group and reports directly to Session. The committee works with the pastor, as head of staff, to develop and implement personnel policies and practices that will enhance the efficiency of office functions and maintain a level of morale that will contribute to the effectiveness of the staff.  Elder Carol Kaffenberger (Chair), Elder John Wolcott (Vice Chair)
  • Stewardship Committee focuses on financial stewardship. The committee organizes and promotes the annual stewardship campaign, soliciting financial pledges from members of the Lewinsville Community of faith. These financial pledges support the ongoing mission and ministry of Lewinsville Church and enable our members to deepen their spiritual lives, deepen their connection with the Church and with the larger community.  Elder John Day (Chair)

Christian Education Ministry Group – Barbara Gibby (Chair); Staffed by Allison Lineberger
The Christian Formation Ministry Group provides for the planning and operation of the education programs of the church: church school, youth and adult education, vacation church school, youth fellowship activities, and crib and preschool care.

  • Adult Education Committee – Cathy Saunders, Chair
  • Children & Family Ministry Committee.  Barbara Gibby, Chair
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministry Committee. Elder Nate Jones (Session Liaison)
  • Faith & Public Policy Committee – Established by the Strategic Plan, this committee provides opportunities for public policy discussions from a faith perspective.  James Foster, Chair

Fellowship Ministry Group – Claire Grossi (Chair); Elder Kelly Sexton (Session Liaison); Staffed by Rev. Jen Dunfee.  This Ministry Group is charged with caring for the needs of our congregation.

  • Equippers Committee – Responsible for ChristCare Groups. Jim Tenney (Chair)
  • Membership Committee – This group helps support current members as they explore ways in which they may feel called to be involved. It maintains membership records and conducts the annual membership review required by the Presbytery.  This group also handles Sunday Morning Greeters.   
  • Older Adult Council –  The OAC is comprised of members of Lewinsville who have expertise or special interests in working with older adults or providing ministries to the elderly within and without our congregation. It meets bimonthly. The group’s formulated purpose is to communicate, coordinate and advocate for older adult programs and services both internally to the Lewinsville congregation and externally to our greater local community.  Wendy Maiwurm (Chair)
  • Service Committees – Handles a variety of congregational needs, including hospitality, card ministry, nursery coordinators, Care Callers, Extended Communion for shut-ins, membership records, cradle roll, prayer shawl ministry (Lost Sheep Stitchers), flower delivery, Volunteer Coordinator, LRR Liaison, blood drives.
  • Social Groups – Second Saturday Set, Single Seniors, Adult Club, Men’s Breakfast Group.
  • Support, Encouragement, and Accountability (SEA) Committee.

Invitation/Connection Ministry GroupElder Kelly Sexton, Chair; Staffed by Rev. Jen Dunfee
This Ministry Group is charged with finding ways to attract new members, exploring ways to attract visitors, to help make Lewinsville a more welcoming church. The group encourages and supports visitors as they go through the Inquirer’s Class, and to helps integrate new members into the life of the church.

Mission and Service Ministry Group – Augusta Niday (Chair); Elder Phil Church (Session Liaison); Staffed by Rev. Layne Brubaker
This Group coordinates the mission outreach of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church. This ministry group is the vehicle by which the congregation is involved in ministering to the needs of others.

  • Housing Committee – Provides liaison to the Falls Church Homeless Shelter, Homestretch, and our two retirement residences listed below.  Joe Parisi (Chair)
  • Hunger & Poverty Committee – Provides liaison to Christ House, Miriam’s Kitchen, S.H.A.R.E., Stop Hunger Now, and Unity Healthcare.  Abbey Conley (Chair)
  • International Programs & Missions Committee – Provides liaison to the PCUSA, Lewinsville’s supported missionaries, United Orphanage and Academy (Kenya), Outreach Foundation (North Korea), and Poor Children’s Assistance Project (Haiti).  Alan Stevens (Chair)
  • Refugee Resettlement Mission – Betty Douglass (Chair)
  • Social Services Committee – Provides liaison to the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center,  Second Story, Bethany House of Northern Virginia, Boost the Troops effort, L’Arche of Greater Washington DC, Ingleside Presbyterian Retirement Community, Shepherd’s Center of McLean/Arlington/Falls Church.  Karen Siple (Chair)
  • Summer & Winter Mission Projects Committee – Provides liaison to these annual mission projects.
  • Interfaith Community Programs – Members attend meetings of the Tysons Interfaith Partnership of area churches, businesses and other stakeholders to enhance the spiritual life for residents and workers in the Tysons area. Elder Phil Church (Chair)

Worship Ministry Group – Rob Ransom (Chair), Elder Pat Buss (Session Liaison); Staffed by Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey
Working closely with the Pastor and the Minister of Music, this Group develops and oversees the liturgy and order of worship, music programs, special services, and provides for the celebration of the sacraments.

  • Audio-Visual CoordinatorThe A/V Coordinator recruits and trains the Audio Video team members, teaching them how to operate the audio and video systems in the sanctuary. The A/V Coordinator schedules team members to cover each of the worship services. He or she converts video recordings of the worship services into DVD recordings, which will be sent to shut-ins. The A/V Coordinator also creates audio and video operations manuals for the team. – Rob Ransom (Chair)
  • Communion Preparation Coordinator:  The Communion Preparation Coordinator recruits and trains communion preparers to assure that the elements and service items are in place for each communion service of worship.  Preparers are also responsible for clean up after the service.  The Coordinator prepares communion serving instructions and emails them to the servers as a reminder prior to the Sunday service of worship. The pastors and committee set the calendar of when communion will be served each year and instructions are updated as needed. – _______ (Chair)
  • Flower Committee: The Flower Committee provides floral arrangements on a weekly basis in support of the worship service and liturgy as well as in social areas outside of the sanctuary.  The flower ministry is supported by memorial gifts. – Pam Deese (Chair)
  • Lay Readers Coordinator:  The Lay Reader Coordinator recruits and trains lay readers to participate in the worship service by reading the assigned scripture passage(s). Once they’ve received the passage early in the week, they practice reading it aloud and compose a prayer for illumination.  If possible they prepare a very brief introduction to the passage, putting it in a biblical context.  If only one pastor is doing the service, the lay reader may also be asked to lead the liturgy, using selections available from the church office. The lay reader schedule is generally filled every two months. – Cathy Gaugler  (Chair)
  • Sanctuary Preparation Coordinator – The Sanctuary Preparation Coordinator recruits and trains people to tidy up the sanctuary weekly, making sure that the pew racks have hymnals and Bibles in place, all trash is removed, pencils are sharpened, and new visitor tags, offering envelopes, and name tags are in place. – Bob Johnson (Chair)
  • Special Services Coordinator:  The Special Services Coordinator invites a diverse representation of the congregation to participate in the worship services during the four Sunday’s of Advent and Holy Week. Their roles, such as lighting candles, stripping the church, and feet washing, illuminate the significance of the liturgies of Advent, Lent, and Easter. – Sally McKeown (Chair)
  • Ushers Coordinator – The Ushers Coordinator recruits and trains teams of ushers to serve at each service of worship.  Ushers hand out bulletins, help in seating people, take the collection, collect the pew pads, and clean up the sanctuary after the service.  They are also on stand-by to help with any emergencies. – John Baxley (Chair)


The Congregational Nominating Committee provides nominees for Ruling Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee members annually, as well as Ministry Group Chairs. (Elaine Guth, Chair, Vacant, Vice Chair.

  • Class of 2023 (terms expire April 30, 2023):
    • Scotty Benson
    • Mike Deese
    • Jim Edmondson
    • Emily Foster
  • Class of 2024 (terms expire April 30, 2024):
    • Abbey Conley
    • Laura Jones
    • Libby McConnell
    • Bettie McElroy


Its nine member Board of Directors, all of which are also members of Lewinsville, serve staggered three year terms.  Current Officers on the LRR Board:

  • Terms Expire November 2023:
    • Bill Chenault
    • Dan Deyo (Secretary)
    • Alan Stevens
  • Terms Expire November 2024:
    • Sara Becker (President)
    • Connie Church (Treasurer)
    • Roy Siple
  • Terms Expire November 2025:
    • Erik Kloster
    • James Foster
    • Pattie Gunter (Vice President)


Chesterbrook Residences, Inc. (“CRI”), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, governs Chesterbrook, which is managed by Coordinated Management Services.  CRI’s Board of Directors consists of one director appointed by the National Capital Presbytery and three directors from each of the three founding congregations, who serve staggered three year terms and are elected at CRI’s Annual Meeting each November. Lewinsville Church’s nominations for director representatives are approved by the Session based upon recommendation by the Older Adult Council.  Lewinsville’s current director representatives the CRI Board:

  • Scott Bartram – terms ends December 2023
  • Wendy Maiwurm – term ends December 2023
  • Jim Edmondson – term ends December 2024