Claimed …. Called …. Sent


Lewinsville Presbyterian Church is a founding member of Tysons InterFaith (TI), a coalition of member houses of worship around the Tysons Corner area.

These partners in faith seek to weave the values of spiritual connection, learning, and service into the fabric of the Tysons community. Tysons Interfaith informs Tysons residents and workers at all levels about opportunities for connecting, learning, and serving. They provide information about the religious denominations, houses of worship, their locations, contact information, and hours of worship.

Tysons Interfaith fosters learning by conducting inter-faith dialogue, spiritual gatherings, and other events. Tysons Interfaith also coordinates support for Tysons workers and their families in need and promotes opportunities for residents and workers to volunteer their skills in community service or advocacy initiatives in the Tysons area.

Tysons Interfaith informs the community that Lewinsville Presbyterian Church is a welcoming congregation that invites the Tysons community to join us in worship and service.

If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Phil Church at or Jack Hess at