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The Congregational Nominating Committee consists of eight members elected by the congregation to serve two-year staggered terms. The Committee nominates candidates for congregational election to serve as Elders, Deacons/Stephen Ministers, members of the Nominating committee, chairpersons of the various ministry groups and members to serve on the Governing Board of Directors of the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Foundation. The committee also presents to Session nominees for Clerk of Session and Treasurer.

The Committee seeks to nominate members of the congregation who possess particular qualities and gifts of Christian leadership that will enable them effectively and willingly to share in the governance and ministry of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.

For lists of those currently serving on Session, the Board of Deacons and as ministry chairs, see the Leadership Section of the Lewinsville website at the church directory.

Please submit your nominees for the following positions by Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Session elects the following positions; however, your recommendations are considered and appreciated:

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