March 2018:

The Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) is continuing to work through the process and we are very pleased with our progress. We have received and reviewed materials from about 100 candidates to date and have been very thoughtful and intentional with our time and exploration. From these candidates, we have held several phone interviews and a small number of in-person interviews. Our standards have been set very high, but we have been gratified to see them met or exceeded and are made very hopeful by this.
We remind the congregation that we are about a year into the search process. The committee is on track, yet mindful that the process can hold many variables and unexpected turns. We remain steadfast to God’s timeline and are confident that he is leading, not us. As we work, the congregation can also prepare by staying open-minded and looking positively toward welcoming the new pastor at the time that he or she is called.

We continue to ask for your patience and prayers, and we also ask for your trust. We ask you to trust the committee, to trust the process, and most importantly, to trust God and his plan for the future of LPC.

–Elizabeth Steel, PNC Co-Chair

November 2017:

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to work hard in the search for Lewinsville’s next Pastor. Besides the usual computer-matching system, the committee has been continuing to reach out to contacts and organization within the PCUSA world. This includes well-known symposiums and fellows programs within the denomination, which has led us down some interesting and promising paths. We also ran another ad in the October edition of The Presbyterian Outlook.

An informational luncheon was held on October 15th, during which the status of the search was shared with those in attendance. In a nutshell, we have begun phone interviews and are planning face to face meetings with those candidates who have piqued our interest. In addition, we are calling references, listening to sermons, and delving into each interviewee’s social media footprint in the attempt to get a full picture of each candidate.

As always, please keep the PNC in your prayers.

–Tim Dokken for the PNC

August/September 2017:

While the summer months came and went, the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) remained busy at work, keeping focused on our task of calling Lewinsville’s next Head Pastor. Amid vacations, trips, and mission projects, we continued to receive and review PIFs (Pastor Information Form) from potential candidates. We are still receiving new candidates, while spending more time further reviewing promising applicants.

The committee has also been working on casting our net in many different directions. We have contacted faculty and key staff at prominent Presbyterian seminaries, and have also reached out to other figures within the PCUSA world who have offered suggestions and connections. The position is being advertised in The Presbyterian Outlook magazine and website and is posted on several seminary alumni job sites as well as the National Capital Presbytery site.

As this is a long process, we are subject to life changes and transitions. Jon Wood and his family have decided to join a congregation closer to home and we wish them well as they find a new church home. He will no longer be able to serve on the PNC. We thank him for his time and efforts, and will greatly miss his knowledge, passion for theology and friendship.

SAVE THE DATE! The PNC will be hosting lunch and fellowship on Sunday, October 15 (following the 11 a.m. service). Please join us to hear updates from the committee and for a bit of fun. All ages are encouraged to attend and childcare will be provided. We want to keep you as involved and informed in this long process as possible, and we hope you’ll join us!

–Elizabeth Steel, Co-Chair, PNC

June 2017:

In late May the Session and National Capital Presbytery both approved the Ministry Information Form (MIF). We then posted it on the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), the internet-based computer system used by PC(USA) to receive and match candidates. We have also advertised the MIF in Presbyterian Outlook and are reaching out by word of mouth to candidates we feel might make a good fit for Lewinsville. Our MIF is also posted on the Lewinsville website HERE.  As of 10 June, we have received over 50 Personal Information Forms (PIFs) and are pleased to see that they represent varied geographic areas and a good ethnic and gender cross section.

In early June, we began reviewing the PIFs that we have received.  We will be doing this throughout the summer as we work to select a limited number of applicants for further review.

As always, we ask that you let any committee member know of someone you think might make a good candidate for Lewinsville and also be sure to keep us in your prayers as we continue our most important work.

–Tom Mellor, PNC member

April 19, 2017:

The PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) has spent late March/early April working to finalize the MIF (Ministry Information Form — a document which describes our congregation, its mission, and the pastor we are seeking). We’ve worked to incorporate insights from the listening session held on March 26th and a meeting with the youth of the church held earlier in the month, to gather statistical information about the congregation and the local area, and to identify outside references who can help candidates understand our congregation.

The Session will consider the MIF at its April meeting, and we hope to have received approval from them and our Presbytery liaison by mid-May. Once the approval process is complete, we will post the MIF on the Lewinsville website and begin advertising the position. We will let the congregation know once the position is officially posted, and would appreciate your help in bringing the MIF to the attention of potential candidates, or people who might know of potential candidates. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued prayers, for us and for the person whom God is calling to be Lewinsville’s next Senior Pastor.

–Cathy Saunders for the PNC

April 1, 2017:

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been busy since the start of the new year and is excited to get further into the process this spring. We have been meeting weekly and working hard in-between. Right now, we are nearing the end of the process of writing our Ministry Information Form. This is the outward form that will be posted for all applicants to view that will inform them about the position and our congregation (it will also be available here on the Lewinsville website soon).

We enjoyed gathering feedback from the congregation at our listening session and thank you for your thoughts and ideas. The MIF is reflective of all parts of our congregation and much time, work, and consideration has gone into its preparation. The PNC asks for prayers as we near its completion and posting. We then look forward to moving onto the next steps!

–Elizabeth Steel (PNC Co-Chair)

Members of your Pastoral Nominating Committee:

Tim Dokken:  Tim joined Lewinsville as a confirmand in 1981.  He has attended Lewinsville since the early 1970s, because his parents made him go to church instead of letting him lie on the floor and watch Wonderama.  He has served on Session, been a Youth Group advisor, 4th grade Sunday School teacher, and even a member of the choir (St. Timothy’s, which no longer exists).  He grew up in the church, attending Sunday School and Youth Group, and returned to being an active member after getting married in 1995.  He is a physical therapist with Fairfax County Public Schools.

Bruce Douglass:  A life-long Presbyterian, Bruce has been a member of Lewinsville since the mid-1980’s.  At Lewinsville he has taught for many years in the Christian Education program, both middle schoolers and adults; served a term on the Session; and chaired the Public Policy Issues Group.  Since 2003 he has been the Director of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington.

Irene Foster:  The Foster family joined Lewinsville in 2009 when they moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to Northern Virginia.  At Lewinsville, Irene has served as a member of the Session, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Stewardship Committee.  She also served on the PNC of the Bellvue Presbyterian Church (Nashville).  Irene is an Associate Professor of Economics at the George Washington University.

Tom Mellor:  Tom came to Lewinsville in 1974 when he married Anne, who had been confirmed at Lewinsville.  He joined in 1978.  He has been a Junior High Advisor, member of the Adult Education sub-committee, a ChristCare Equipper, Deacon, Elder and served on the Mission and Service Ministry Group.  He is currently a member of the Sunday Night ChristCare group and is serving on Session as liaison to the Finance Committee.  He is retired from the Department of the Navy.

Paul Phillips:  Paul joined Lewinsville in 1981.  He has served on Session twice, been Chair of the Admin Committee, Worship Committee, co-created the first ChristCare group and co-led the group for 10 years.  From 2006-2015, he served on the Permanent Judicial Commission of National Capital Presbytery, was a member of the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee as well as a member of the Interim Pastor Nominating Committee, served on the Board of Directors of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington and Board Secretary from 2007-2016.  Paul is currently completing a six-year term on the Board of Directors of the Chesterbrook Residences, is serving as Lewinsville representative to National Capital Presbytery, and is Chair of the Lewinsville Foundation.  He is a retired trial attorney.

Cathy Saunders:  Cathy came to Lewinsville with her parents in the late 1960’s and was baptized and confirmed at Lewinsville.  Since returning from college and graduate school, she has served on the Worship Committee, Adult Ed Committee, and the search committee that brought Allison Lineberger.  She has served on Session twice once in the early 2000’s and again from 2010-2013.  She currently sings in the choir and frequently teaches adult education classes.  Cathy is a Term Associate Professor of English at George Mason University.

Elizabeth Steel:  Elizabeth’s family joined Lewinsville when she was very young, and she was active as a youth and high schooler. After moving back to the area last year, she has jumped back into life at Lewinsville.  She is the head of the Young Adult Ministry Group, serves as a Youth advisor and Sunday School teacher, is a member of the Summer Mission Project planning committee, and recently participated in the Reformed Institute Young Adult Leadership Cohort.

Janice Tullos:  Janice and her husband Richard joined Lewinsville about a year and a half ago when they moved to McLean to be closer to their daughter and her family.  She is a member of the Seekers ChristCare group, and is a regular Worship service attendee as well as an active participant in adult education classes.  Janice served on the PNC at her former church in Waldorf, Maryland, before joining Lewinsville.

Jon Wood:  The Wood family moved from Indianapolis to Fairfax in the summer of 2013 and have been “Lewinsvillians” ever since.  The family is involved in Lewinsville in various ways, and Jon most specifically has taught adult and children’s Sunday classes, participated in certain wider community-service events, helped as a communion server, and worked with the Adult Education Committee as well as on the Interim Pastoral Search Committee.  Jon works at the George Washington University in the faculty of the Religions Department, where his official title is Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity.