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Ben Evans

Ben Evans is the son of two preachers (one PCUSA and the other United Methodist).  He arrived at Lewinsville in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, but has already initiated a new and engaging youth program.  He comes to us with four years of experience in youth ministries in the Washington, DC area and abroad. His experience includes service as a Case Manager for Miriam’s Kitchen, Job Counselor at Jubilee Jobs, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator at Western Presbyterian Church, and Lead Field Manager for The Fund for the Public Interest.  Ben reports that his experience at Miriam’s Kitchen opened his eyes to the real human struggles of those pushed to the margins.

While still a student at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, Ben spent a summer in South Africa as a Volunteer with the Township Community Project, Projects Abroad, Cape Town.  He also deepened his faith through Quakerism.  At Guilford, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016, majoring in Community and Justice Studies, with a minor in Theatre Studies.

Ben says, “Growing up, youth group was my strongest community and where I found belonging. I have a deep passion for working with youth, helping the ‘least of these,’ and creating strong communities. For I believe that they are the most powerful force in doing God’s work in this world.”