GET CONNECTED with our CHURCH FAMILY … responding to human need

Now is the time to get ready to take your selfies and family photos to be included in our new Lewinsville Photo Directory!

We will not be working with a professional photographer this time, but rather we invite people to take and submit their own photos.  There will be no scheduling of photo sessions at church nor any high-stress sales pitches for photo packages for you to purchase.  

Our Photo Directory will be both online and in print (issued in the fall each year).  The Directory will include all names of family members, address, phones, and email addresses.  We will not be including birthdates or anniversaries for security reasons.  The online photo directory will be password-protected, and only people with email addresses listed in the directory will be able to create a login.

Below, you will find information on how to take your photos and how to submit them. 


If you have any questions, please contact Claire Grossi (703-887-8650) or Bettie McElroy (703-967-4999).

Fill out my online form.