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The puppets will meet in-person beginning September 19, 2021, for another year of dancing, singing and storytelling.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the rehearsals will be held in the larger space of the Sanctuary and the close confines of the puppet stage will not be used and all participants will be required to wear a face mask during rehearsals and performances.  This year, we will be doing “Dramatic Puppetry.”

In “Dramatic Puppetry” the puppeteer assumes the character of the puppet and acts with the puppet so there is a lot more freedom of movement and puppets don’t need to be closely grouped on a stage-THEY ARE THE STAGE!  The puppeteers can also become props or parts of scenery.

PUPPETS IN CHURCH is for children in grades 1-12 who would like to learn the arts of puppetry and apply them to music, worship, storytelling, and general entertainment in the church. Puppets meet on Sundays, 4:15-5:00 pm beginning Sunday, September 19th

Several puppet presentations have been planned for presentation throughout the year:

  • For Messy Church in October: Moses and the Moan-heads
  • For the Christmas Eve Family Service in December: The Friendly Beasts and The Nativity Story
  • For a Special Musical Event at the end of January: Goofy Mother Goose Tails and Peter and the Wolf
  • For the Cathedral Flower Mart in May: Fractured Fairy Tales
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